P-51 Mustang (705mm) laser

The US fighter plane II. St. war with a rubber drive. Now new laser carved parts, propeller, rubber bundle and cover. material. Span 705 mm. Suitable for conversion to RC electricity.


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North American P-51 Mustang is the most famous and probably the best American fighter II. World War. In a single machine is great at integrating high speed and climbing ability, excellent maneuverability and a strong armament huge range, allowing the unions to push your way Flying Fortresses and Liberators into the heart of the Third Reich ...

Designers freely mock flying low-wing fighter designed to drive by rubber; instructions and schedule allow you to build a model as well as a free flight with a powered combustion engine 0,33ccm or tethered model with internal combustion engine 0,8-1ccm.

The model is a classic balsa structure in Rozsyp with laser carved wooden parts, scale accessories made of vacuum-molded plastic parts and plastic drawn by injection molding. The hull is constructed of course true minimaketářskou technology partitions a plurality of longitudinal protruding part that allow to faithfully reproduce the rounded shapes. Built in two stages - thanks to "split" in the vertical plane stand directly on the countertop first half of the fuselage, and then to her "dolepíte" second half. This ensures that even complicated shapes hull stand straight and symmetrical, without needing any special preparations. Since it is a small model for advanced builders, you should already have prior experience with classical building and test-flying models powered by rubber.

Mustang is also suitable for conversion to a RC model with electric drive - although the construction plan does not offer this option for experienced modeller would not be a big problem.

Kit includes: laser carved balsa parts, balsa wood beams, vacuum-molded parts Scale (bonnet, cabin ...), plastic propeller shaft and head, rubber volume rubber (5x1mm), plastic wheels, steel strings on chassis and other small parts , plastic wheels, lining paper sheet wet decals, construction plan. < / P>

Margin [mm] 705
Length [mm] 612
controlled functions None
Building intensity S2
Difficulty piloting P0

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