67 "Edge 540 V3 (1,710 mm) 20cc Orange / Black

ARF kit semi-scale aerobatic special with a span of 1700 mm, designed to be powered by a gasoline engine with a capacity of 20-30 ccm or electric motor. Very light construction, foil cover


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Pilot RC

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More info

Acrobatic model Pilot RC Edge 540 V3 1710 mm is specially designed for 3D and precision classic acrobatics, but you will enjoy the fun even with a completely weekend holiday. It features a solid but very lightweight balsa and plywood construction with extensive use of carbon and laminate components and aluminum alloy reinforcements. Edge 540 V3 1710 mm is designed for 20-30 cc petrol engine or 6S Lipo powered electric motor.

The ARF Pilot RC is characterized by a very high pretreatment - all parts of the airframe are, of course, assembled and coated with an oracover iron-on transfer sheet - but that doesn't stop there!

  • Laminated engine covers are sprayed and pre-installed - all that remains is to cut openings according to your engine and damper.
  • The engine bulkhead is installed.
  • The cab cover is pre-assembled and sprayed.

Another thing you will like is the accessories supplied in the Pilot RC kits:

  • Pre-drilled laminate lever controls
  • Carbon Pipe Connectors Wing and Horizontal Tail
  • Carbon undercarriage legs fastened with screws for easy disassembly for transportation in a smaller car
  • Carbon spur
  • Chassis wheels with dural rims

For easy transport, the wing is two-piece with a carbon tube coupling.

Briefly - you have something to look forward to!

Span [mm] 1710
Length [mm] 1550
Weight [g] 3380
Wing Area [dm 2 ] 55.2