PH155 Turbo Beaver 1900mm ARF

Semi-scale Canadian light aircraft 1900mm for two-stroke 12-15ccm, four-stroke 15-20ccm or gasoline engine 15ccm. Structural fuselage and wing with semi-directional profile, controlled ailerons, flap


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DeHavilland of Canada DHC-2 Beaver, or Bobr, developed in Canada shortly after World War II, has become synonymous with a bush flying aircraft, a slender man who safely transports the pilot and six passengers safely everywhere and everywhere. The proven machine has been "rejuvenated" over and over again by larger or smaller rebuilds including the installation of a modern turboprop engine instead of the original Pratt " Whitney Wasp Jr. with 450 HP. The latest and most successful conversion is the Viking Air DHC-2T Turbo Beaver of Canadian company Viking Air, which modernizes the old Beaver Dragons by installing the Pratt " Whitney Canada PT6A-34 engine with 680 HP into the extended bow; at first glance, you also notice a new square vertical tail.

Canadian lightweight superstructure semi-cluster of a classic all-metal construction for propulsion with a 12-15 cc two-stroke engine, 15-20 cc four-stroke, a 15 cc gasoline engine or an AXI 4130 electric motor for mildly advanced pilots. If the model completes the floats, we recommend choosing the motors at the upper limit of the specified range of cubatures.

The hull is a classic balsa and lightweight plywood with a removable laminate engine cover with a distinctive "chin". The internal combustion engine is mounted on an adjustable plastic bed anchored to the plywood engine bulkhead, which is part of the fixed hull 'core' housing. There is also space for the fuel tank. To install the electric motor in the rear assembly, an additional motorized partition with spacing posts is provided in the kit. The cabin is fitted with mock-ups, accessible through two openings. The rudder, elevator and gas servos are located at the bottom of the cabin in the space accessible through the rear door on the hull side. The front door serves as an electric drive version as an access opening for storing the drive accumulator into the area under the dashboard. The rudders are controlled by cable rods with robust wire rods" / p>

Two-piece wing with semi-directional profile has a classic design with rigid torsion cabinet cover. The half of the wings are pushed from the side to the tubular duralumin coupling and secure the bolts. Wing struts have a core made of aluminum sheet with a wooden molded cover; fasten with screws. Ailerons and flaps are independently controlled by two pairs of servos with short straight wire rods.

Tail surfaces are classic all-metal structures.

The chassis with a controllable wired sprue coupled with a rudder has duralumin main legs with laminate shaped wheel covers.

The model is coated with Oracover iron-on transfers, with a matriculation machine flying in the UK.

To control the model, you'll need at least a seven-channel computer set to allow independent control of ailerons and dampers. The servos meet the standard standard with a 3-5 load, use a stronger 5-7 servos for tail surfaces.

The kit includes: a built-in fuselage, a sprayed laminated engine cover, finished wing struts, built-in wings and tailpieces, a duralumin chassis, an accessory set, wheels, stickers and pictorial instructions.

Span [mm] 1900
Length [mm] 1428
Wing area [dm 2 ] 43.3
Weight [g] 4600 - 5000
Controlled functions S, V, K (2), M, F (2)
Building demand S2, S3
Flight challenge P2, P3

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

2T 4T Benzine
Engine ASP S91A ASP FS-120AR OS MAX GT-15 / GGT-15
Propeller MA 14x6-8 " MA 15x8 " FOXY 14x8 "
Tank (ccm) 400-450 400-450 200-300 gasoline
Servos 5x HS-422 (K, F, M), 2x HS-645MG (S, V)
Servo digi 5x HS-5485HB (K, F, M), 2x HS-5645MG (S, V)
Servo HV / Digi 5x HS-430BH (K, F, M), 2x D645MW (S, V)
RC set min." 7-channel computer

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