PH112 Lavochkin La-9 1814mm 30cc ARF

Semiscale Soviet fighter aircraft 1814mm for gasoline engines 25-35ccm. Structural hull and bearing surfaces with Oracover coating. Controlled ailerons, rudder, elevator; pneumatic pull. chassis.


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Lavochkin La-9 in 1946, although still reminiscent of its predecessor, the famous war La-7, but in fact it was an entirely new aircraft with all-metal chassis and "mustangovským" wing with a laminar profile. Weight savings compared to the original design of the officially acclaimed "Alfa-děrevěsiny," which in fact was heavy and fragile birch plywood carbonated Phenolic resin with a very limited lifespan in the field, made it possible to mount a larger fuel tank and equipment to expand to four 23 mm cannons. La-9 were deployed in the Korean War.

ARF kit Soviet fighter planes classical balsa structure to drive the gasoline engine 25-35 cc for experienced pilots giant models. Lavochkin is an ideal project for modelers who already has experience with simpler models for the giant engines of 20 to 30 cc, and intends to embark on a flying more complex mock-fast machines with higher wing loading. The high degree of "předpostavení" goes completion of the model fairly quickly and easily - of course, due to model size and complexity of on-board electronics and mechanisms retractable landing gear that is not a project for rookies.

The hull is a classic structure from balsa and plywood with removable fiberglass cowl and transparent canopy. The engine is mounted in a head-down position on the bed corresponding to the plywood motor mount, it is recommended to use anyway sprung bed with bushings. Cone for a three-blade propeller with aluminum alloy back plate comes with the kit. Space for servo rudder, elevator and gas is located in the fuselage above the wing; provides easy access removable upper torso.

The two-piece wing with polosouměrným profile is the classic construction with balsa ribs and rigid cover. The wing is plugged on the side of rugged aluminum alloy tube coupling. Ailerons are controlled by a pair of servos located in the wing.

The tail surfaces are symmetrical profile design with a rigid cover celobalsovým fin and horizontal stabilizer. The horizontal tail surface is two-part, plugged to the side of the aluminum alloy tube coupling and ensures screws. Servos and Rudder are stored in the trunk of the cab, the halves of the elevator are controlled wire rods; Rudder and spur drives with cords.

The whole model is coated with silver foil ORACOVER iron, all laminated parts are painted with colors resistant to the effects of fuel.

The chassis is pneumatically retractable tail type maketovými main sprung legs.

To control model will need at least sedmikanálovou radio system, the optimum is devítikanálová. Serva meet the standard 3-4 gas, choke, control and relief valves spur gear; Strong standard with a pull 6-10 for rudders and flaps. Given the number and power of servos used and the size of the model, make sure well-settled power with batteries of sufficient capacity with cables with sufficient cross section.

Kit includes: built and iron foil coated fuselage, wing and tail surfaces, sprayed fiberglass bonnet, pneumatic retractable landing gear, wheels, fuel tank, spinner, accessory kit, Scale cab interior and image guidance.

Margin [mm] 1814
Length [mm] 1668
Wing area [dm 2] 58.5
Weight [g] 7100 - 8200
controlled functions S, V (2), K (2), M, P
Building intensity S2, S3
Difficulty piloting P3, P4

Recommended drive and RC equipment

DLA fighter OS . fighter
Engine DLA 32 OS MAX GT-33
Propeller XOAR 20x8 'three-blade XOAR 20x8 'three-blade
Tank (ccm) 500 petrol
Serva 2x HS-422 (M + P), 2x HS-485HB (F), 4x HS-645MG (K + V), 1 HS-7985MG (S)
Serva "High Voltage" 2xHS-430BH (M + P), 2x HS5495BH (F), 4x HS-5685MH (K + V), 1 HS-5585MH (S)
RC rig min. 7 channels


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