BH143 Heinkel He-111 1750 mm ARF

Semiscale model of German bomber 1750mm for 2 engines AXI 2814-20 or 4cc 2T. Construction fuselage and wing with semi-directional profile, controlled ailerons, flaps, rudder, elevator, supplied retrac


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The construction of Heinkel He-111 began at a time when the Treaty of Versailles forbade Germany to possess bombers, so the task was to "fastest transport aircraft of the world." Although it really was a dozen transport machinery for Lufthansa, over five and a half thousand bombers Heinkel had the lion's share of perishable flours when lightning campaigns on the continent and in the bombing of Britain. Yet in the Battle of Britain began to bother low speed, lack of dexterity and weak defensive armament. Nevertheless, the He-111, along with Ju-87 Stuka "iconic" epitome of the Nazi Luftwaffe bomber - probably thanks to the "deployment" Spanish He-111 (aka the second licensing CASA 111) in the film Battle of Britain.

Scale model of a German medium bomber for actuator with two two-stroke 4 cc or two brushless motors AXI 2814 class for experienced pilots.

The fuselage of the model is a classic balsa structure; the upper part of the fuselage behind the cockpit is removable for easy access to the flight battery and on-board electronics. Propulsion batteries are placed in the shaft leading to the lower part of the bow, receiver and servos rudder and elevator in the upper part of the fuselage above the wing.

The two-piece wing with polosouměrným profile is a classic design with torsion boxes. Its halves are pushed to the side of aluminum alloy pipe coupling and ensure the screws. The ailerons and flaps are controlled by two independent servos. Nacelles are laminated. Internal combustion engines can be mounted using the supplied plastic mounts, for electric motors in the rear assembly are ready to plywood boxed bed.

The tail surfaces are classic balsa. Halves of the elevator are controlled by two micro servos using wire rods, as well as rudder coupled with spurs.

The whole model is coated with a special semi-matt iron sheets in camouflage colors with the indicated paneling. < / P>

The chassis is a mechanical retractable legs with wire and manageable nezažitelnou spur. For the landing gear retraction, you will need two special chassis miniservo (eg. Futaba S3170G) with a deflection lever 0-180 °.

To control model will need at least sedmikanálovou computerized radio system, the optimum is devítikanálová.

Kit contains: iron foil coated fuselage, wing and tail surfaces, sprayed fiberglass nacelle complete set of small accessories, 2 plastic engine mounts for internal combustion engines, 2 plywood box-bed for electric, 2 Spinners, 2 tanks, mechanical retractable landing gear, wheels and detailed image guidance.

Margin [mm] 1750
Length [mm] 1280
Weight [g] 3200 - 3500
Wing area [dm 2] 49
controlled functions S, V (2), K (2), M (2), P (2), F (2)
Building intensity S2, S3
Difficulty piloting P3

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

Eco Bomber 2T OS Blitz Bomber 2T
Engine 2x ASP 25A OS MAX 25FX
Propeller 2 MA 9x5 " 2 MA 9x6 "
Tank (ccm) 2x200-250 2x250-300
Serva 9x HS-82mg or HS85BB / MG 2x Futaba S3170G (P)
RC rig computer min. 7 channels, 9 channels prefer

Recommended drive and RC equipment - electric motor:

Eco Bomber
Engine 2x RAY C3536-1250 2x AXI 2814/12
Regulator 2x RAY R-40B 2x RAY R-40B
battery 2 RAY G3 3250 mAh 11.1 V 2x FOXY G2 3300 mAh 11,1 V
Propeller 2x APC 9x6E 2x APC 9x4,5E
Serva 7x HS-82mg or HS85BB / MG 2x Futaba S3170G (P)
RC rig computer min. 7 channels, 9 channels prefer

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