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Fairey Albacore torpedo originated as a "modern" successor to the legendary Swordfish a more powerful engine, comfortable closed cab and a host of other enhancements. For several reasons, he stayed throughout the service in the shadow of his predecessor; although albacore and their crews fought very bravely and selflessly in events like the unfortunate attacks against Petsamo and Kirkenessu in the summer of 1941 in the far north, the Battle of Cape Matapan in the Mediterranean or persecution Tirpitz in Norwegian waters, never had the luck to spectacular successes type of paralysis Bismarck , the raid on Taranto and events in the Gulf of Bomba (2 Italian submarine depot ship and a destroyer sunk by torpedoes 3). Finally Swordfish lasted far longer in service because they were better suited for small decks of escort aircraft carriers. Until now preserved only Albacore, which is exhibited in the Fleet Air Arm museum at Yeovilton English.

Semi-scale British airborne torpedo dvouplošníkuplošníku for drive-stroke žhavíkem 12 to 15 cc, four stroke 15 to 20 cc, 15 cc petrol engine or AC motor AXI 4130 class with 6S LiPo.

The fuselage is a classic design in combination balsa / lightweight plywood, fiberglass engine cover is removable. Throttle servo and receiver are stored in the cabin space; access to them (and possibly. to the tank or the drive battery) allows detachable front of the cabin. Servo rudder and elevator are stored under a removable cover on the bottom of the hull; rudders are controlled by means of wire rods. The kit includes parts for mounting the internal combustion engine (on adjustable plastic bed turned upside down to the right) and electric motor (in the rear mounted on a plywood board with spacers).

Two-part wing profile with polosouměrným halves nasouvanými the side of the dural tube coupling is a classic balsa structure. The ailerons are controlled by independent servos 4 stored in the wings.

The tail surfaces are also classic balsa structure.

The whole model is account iron semi-matt film in camouflage colors.

The chassis is the tail type with dural main legs. The spur is manageable, coupled with the rudder.

To control the model you need at least a six-channel computer kit. Serva meet the quality standard of stroke 3-5

Kit includes: built fuselage, wing and tail surfaces covered with iron sheets, fiberglass engine cover, cushioned landing gear, steerable spur wheels, fuel tank, a set of small accessories, the dummy torpedoes and image guidance.

Margin [mm] 1693
Length [mm] 1400
Wing area [dm 2] 75.8
Weight [g] 4500
controlled functions S, V, K (4) M
Building intensity S1
Difficulty piloting P2, P3

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

ASP 2T Albacore ASP 4T Albacore OS Albacore
Engine ASP S91A ASP FS-91AR OS MAX GT-15 / GGT-15
Propeller MA 13x6 " MA 14x6 "S-2 FOXY 14x8 "
Tank (ccm) 300-400 300-350 200-300 petrol
Serva 7x HS-422
Serva "High Voltage" 7xHS-430BH
Digi Serva 7x HS-5485HB
RC rig min. 6 channels


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