P-47D Thunderbolt .60 1600mm ARF"

Semi-scale American twin-fighter 10-15 cc or four"


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The model for this was a model of one of the most powerful Allied fighter aircraft of World War II, the Republic P-47D in the newer version with kapkovitým canopy, so. "Bubble-Top". Fast, robust, with a huge battery of eight 12.7 mm Browning machine, able to carry an incredible load of bombs and missiles, the legendary "Kotlář" liquidate locomotives and trains for large parts of Nazi Germany and the occupied countries ...

ARF rychlostavebnice American fighter aircraft balsa classic design drive motor 10 to 15 cc two-stroke or four-stroke 15 to 20 cc. Given the favorable ratio of the weight of the airframe and the supporting surface is suitable for conversion to electric drive motor AXI 4130 class is šestičlánkovým Li-poly battery. "Decimal" Thunderbolt of the series "Gold Edition" is an ideal first "adult warbird" for modelers who reliably handles acrobatic flying with conventional models.

The fuselage is a classic design in combination balsa / lightweight plywood, removable engine cover is fiberglass. Space for servo rudder, elevator and gas and other onboard electronics are located in the fuselage above the wing.

One-piece wing with polosouměrným profile is also a classic balsa structure with a rigid cover; Hull is mounted on the underside of polyamide screws. Ailerons and slotted flaps are controlled by independent servos always 2.

The tail surfaces are classic design with celobalsovým coating. Rudders are controlled by wire rods servos mounted in the fuselage above the wing.

The whole model is coated with a matte camouflage T-shirt transfers MonoKote.

The chassis is a mechanical retractable wire with main legs. for the control you need a low profile servo landing gear with a deviation of 180 degrees, eg. HS-75BB. The spur is controllable conduction, coupled with control of the rudder. < / P>

To control model will need at least four channel radio system; if you opt for the functional flaps and landing gear, it takes at least sedmikanálovou RC kit. Serva meet the normal standard of stroke 3-4 kg.cm, wilder acrobats can choose thicker 5-6 kg.cm servo helm.

Scale model can improve the appearance using complementary sets of scale modeling equipment cabin mock-up of the engine that are included in the kit.

Kit includes: built and covered with iron sheets MonoKote fuselage, wing and tail surfaces, sprayed fiberglass hood, adjustable motor mount, a model of the engine, cabin interior Scale mechanical retractable undercarriage, lightweight wheels, wire spur fuel tank and image guidance

Margin [mm] 1600
Length [mm] 1420
Wing area [dm 2] 46.5
Weight [g] 3970 - 4540
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M, P, F (2)
Building intensity S2, S3
Difficulty piloting P2, P3

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

Sport 2T Fighter 2T 4T Sport Fighter 4T
Propeller MA 12x6 " MA 13x6-8 " MA 13x8 " MA 15x8 "
Tank (ccm) 300-350 400-500 300-350 400-500
Serva 5-7x HS-422 and HS-485HB, 1xHS-75BB (P)
RC rig min. 4 channels, but rather 7 channel computer

Recommended drive and RC equipment Elektra:

FOXY 6s AXI 6s
Engine C4035 / 14 AXI 4130/16
Regulator Combo FOXY R-85 OPTO FOXY-R 85 OPTO
battery 2x G3 RAY 3250 11.1 2x G3 RAY 3250 11.1
Propeller APC 16x8 APC 16x8
Serva 4-6x HS-225mg
RC rig min. 4 channels (without flaps), but rather computer channels 6-7