A6M Zero EPP 1400mm ARF (electric retractable chassis)
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A6M Zero EPP 1400mm ARF (electric retractable chassis)

Kit containing an almost finished model of the Zero aircraft made of EPP with a span of 1400 mm with an AC motor with a regulator, equipped with servos and an electric retractable landing gear. Controlled ailerons, rudder, elevator and flaps, functional positi


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Mitsubishi A6M Zero is directly synonymous with the Japanese WWII fighter jet. He excelled at high speed, unmatched dexterity and climb, had a strong armament, and a huge range-so at the beginning of the war, he had completely displaced inexperienced Allied opponents. However, as soon as the pilots in the Hellcat and Corsair boats were better trained, the weaknesses of the lightweight structure, the cabin armor and the self-locking fuel tank covers quickly emerged. Despite the ongoing modernization, Zera has been hunting from the second half of 1943 ...

Our new Zero made of almost unbreakable extruded foamed polypropylene (EPP), in turn, shifts the limits of this technology. For the 1400 mm EPP models, you've probably just gotten used to it - but a lot of macchine details (including functional position lights) and a realistic version with retractable landing gear and buoyancy flaps - that's the thing! The large size, attractive appearance of the "warbird" and good flying properties make EPP Zerou the perfect recreational fighter, spiced with a gentle amount of adrenaline warrior for a pilot who reliably manages flying with a faster model with ailerons ...

The fuselage EPP model fuselage is supplied with a rotary casing AC motor (C4250-580, somewhere between AXI 2826 and 4120), with a 65 A AC power controller with a high-power SBEC power stabilized power supply and rudder and elevator servos. Easy access to the on-board electronics and power accumulator ensures the removable cover of the cab with magnetic lock. The model is supplied with a mock cone and a four-blade propeller of about 13x9 ".

For the model, you will need Li-poly four-cell batteries at least 2600 mAh with a 25C capacity, but also take larger 3000-3300 mAh four-cells with which the flight time will be extended accordingly. <" / p>

The EPP tailgate is firmly attached to the fuselage, and servos are stored in the cabin area by means of wire rods.

The wing is also made of foamed EPP with semi-directional profile, two-part, connected by a tubular carbon clutch. 4 screws are attached to the fuselage. Ailerons and split flaps are operated by two servos stored in the wing. Prior to attaching the rods, we recommend that the rudders "move" repeatedly with cautious upward and downward deflection, respectively. left and right.

Chassis is electric retractable with plastic covers, spur is swivel, coupled with rudder control.

You will need at least a 7-channel RC kit to control the model. When connecting the receiver, refer to the instruction manual of your RC kit. Ailerons, flaps, rudder, elevator and engine speed are controlled.

The ARF kit includes: an almost finished model with an alternating motor, a four-blade propeller with a cone, a speed controller, six servos, an electric retractable chassis, a set of accessories, a picture manual describing both assembly and flying with the model.

Span [mm] 1400
Length [mm] 1085
Weight [g] 1880
Wing area [dm 2 ] 30.1
Controlled functions S, V, K (2), M, P (2), F (2)
Building demand S1
Flight challenge P3

Drive and RC equipment:

Engine * C4250-580
Regulator * ACS 65A SBEC
Propeller * 13x9 "four-lane
Battery pack G3 RAY 14.8 V 2700 mAh
Servos * 6x micro 9g, 1x micro 17g (S)
RC set min." 7 channels
*) Component ARF kit

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