BH153 Mig-29 1420mm for 2 blowers 90mm

Model of the Russian fighter aircraft 1420mm with a construction hull and bearing surfaces for two 90mm blowers. Controlled wings, flaps, rudder, elevator.


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Twin-engine fighter aircraft MiG-29 was created along with the Su-27 in the '70s as a counterbalance machines "for winning the air superiority" McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle and lighter multipurpose machines General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. Services in the Soviet Air Force, and "friendly" forces began to enter since 1982. On the technical side it was a successful machine with excellent flight characteristics, whose effectiveness in combat conditions, however, was significantly reduced lag behind "Eastern bloc" in the electronics and the overall sophistication and complexity of avionics , weapons and information systems. MiG-29 being over Iraq and Serbia became easy prey for a total of US F-15 and F-16 and fired missiles at great distances.

Semi-scale Soviet / Russian fighter jet for driving two ducted fans with a diameter of 90 mm brushless motors and 8s Li-poly batteries for experienced pilots "jets".

The fuselage is a classic design with celobalsovým solid coating with outstanding scale equipped cabin and removable covers on the top and bottom of the fuselage allowing access to the blower, flight battery and electronics. Output "pipes" from the fan and discharge nozzles are laminated. For ease of transportation, it is possible to disassemble the entire front torso (from the rear edge of the canopy forward).

Polosouměrným with wing profile is a two-piece with a classic balsa structure with a rigid cover. Wing is pushed onto the side of the aluminum pipe couplings and ensure the screws. The ailerons, flaps and fold the leading edge are controlled by micro servos mounted in the wing using the short straight rods.

The tail surfaces are balsa; servos to control the rudders are placed in kýlovkách; servos controlling half of the floating elevator are stored in the hull.

Tricycle landing gear consists of the landing gear - kit involves the use of electric drives (not included in the kit); sprung legs with wheels are contained. < / P>

The entire surface of the model is semi-matt coated iron sheets in camouflage colors.

To drive you'll need two 90 mm blowers with a powerful motor and controller and 8s Li-poly battery.

Kit includes: built and coated structural fuselage, wing and tail surfaces, cushioned the landing gear wheels (without retracting mechanism), a set of small accessories and image guidance.

Margin [mm] 1420
Length [mm] 2030
Wing area [dm 2] 60
Weight [g] 7800
controlled functions S (2), V (2), K (2), M, P (3), bow leg, F (4)
Building intensity S3
Difficulty piloting P4


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