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ARF kit 3D acrobatic special with a span of 1,320 mm, designed to be driven by an electric motor. Very light construction, many carbon parts.


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Sports semiscale model of aerobatic plane for electric brushless motor Xpwr T3910 for experienced pilots for flying classic precision and extreme 3D aerobatics.

The hull of the model is a classic construction of plywood and balsa laser-carved parts with composite reinforcements with a removable laminate engine cover and a removable upper fuselage with cab for perfect access to the propulsion system and RC equipment. The motor is mounted in the rear mounting on a plywood box bed.

The two-piece wing with symmetrical profile (halves are slid sideways on the carbon tubular coupling and secured with screws) is also a classic design with solid balsa coating. Wings with large surface are controlled by 2 independent servos. You can provide the wing ends with the supplied winglets.

The tail surfaces are all-balsa geodetic structures, GTC is one-piece with a stabilizer glued into the fuselage. Elevator and rudder is controlled by servos stored in the tail of the fuselage with short straight rods. The entire model is coated with iron-on ULTRACOTE (this is a US trademark for the well-known Oracover films).

The chassis is a spur-type with carbon main legs, light wheels with laminate covers and a wire spur with a carbon console coupled with a rudder.

To drive, you will need an Xpwr T3910 brushless motor with a 70-90 A speed controller powered from a four-cell 2500-3300 mAh LiPo battery with a load rating of at least 40C.

At least four-channel computer RC set suits model control - possibility of programming double and exponential deflections in the right size is essential for flying acrobatics - classic precision and extreme 3D -.

Servos meet fast and powerful in micro size - eg Hitec HS-5087MH, D85MG etc.

The kit includes: iron-on fuselage-coated fuselage, wing and tail, sprayed laminate engine cover, complete set of accessories, carbon undercarriage, spur, light wheels and instructions. < / p>

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