Waco 1030mm ARF

ARF semi-scale American acrobatic biplane made of durable EPO foam equipped with C3536-KV850 AC motor, 40A AC controller and four 9g servos. Model span 1030mm, mass


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The Waco Aircraft Company, based in Waco, Texas, in the 1930s, except cabin biplane and one-aft lifts, also produced a series of two-seat training and acrobatic biplane, which was also produced for the PT-14 military. The culmination of the pre-war production was the 1934 acrobatic YMF type with an extended hull. Although the original Waco company had disappeared after the war, the desire of American pilots to own a biplane of noble shapes gave rise to WACO Classic Aircraft, which since 1986 has restored the production of the reconstructed and newly certified YMF-5 model.

The EPO fuselage is supplied with the C3536-KV850 engine installed along with the 11x7 "two-stroke propeller, with the BEC alternator 40A and two servos for the elevator and rudder control. The Li-Pol-11,1V battery is located in the front of the hull .

The top and bottom wing is made of EPO and reinforced with carbon reinforcements. In the lower wing, servos for aileron control are installed. The upper wings are controlled by joining with the lower wings using a wire rod. The lower wing is attached to the fuselage by means of four screws, the upper wing is bolted to the lower wing and the fuselage. Prior to attaching the rods, we recommend that the rudders "move" repeatedly with cautious upward and downward deflection, respectively. left and right.

Tail surfaces are from EPO, rudder and elevator are controlled by servos located in the front of the fuselage using wire ropes. The spur is controllable, driven by the rudder servitude.

Chassis is wired with plastic covers.

For the model, you will need a Li-Poly 3-cell 1800 mAh with a load of at least 25C, for maximum use of engine and model options, preferably 35C or more.

To control the model, you will need min. four-channel RC kit, the advantage of course will be the owners of multichannel computer sets that allow individual adjustment and fine tuning of aileron servo." Ailerons, rudder, elevator and engine speed are controlled.

Kit content:

  • Almost finished model with AC motor, two-blade propeller, 40A speed controller, and 4 servos
  • Accessory kit
  • Instruction
Span [mm] 1030
Length [mm] 810
Wing area [dm 2 ] 30
Weight [g] 1000
Building demand S1
Flight challenge P2, P3
Controlled functions S, V, K (2), M