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To celebrate the twentieth birthday of the company Pelikan Daniel we prepared thoroughly elaborate outstanding scale model Cessna 182 with lots of sexy features, such as functional flaps and marker lights. And what about adding a set of floats completely free! Good luck and health!

Fuselage of EPP foam comes fitted with a brushless outrunner CD2830-1400 propeller 9x5 ", fitted with 20 A AC servos and control the rudder and elevator. In front of the lower part of the hull is located inside the battery compartment is easily accessible thanks to the removable foam cover. The removable cover is also on the "ceiling" cab for easy extension cables connecting aileron servos and setting the servo flaps, rudder and elevator. Plastic engine cover is removable, fixed screws on the sides and top.

Tail of EPP is fastened to the fuselage using plastic pins. Servo rudder and elevator are stored in the cab and are accessible after removing the wings.

The wing also made of EPP foam profile with a flat bottom side of the piece. The hull is secured by a pair of plastic pins with bayonet locks. The ailerons are controlled by one type microservo stored in the midsection by wire cables, as well as slotted flaps.

Landing gear is optional - you can easily assemble wheeled undercarriage or floats:

  • Tricycle landing gear with a controlled bow legs is wired, maketovými with plastic covers.
  • Floats are made of foam EPP plastic struts; in the rear part they are provided with rudders of water coupled with control rods bow legs. When taxiing, takeoff and landing on the water really appreciate!

Controlled by the ailerons, flaps, rudder (with composite bow legs), elevator and engine speed. < / P>

To control the model you need at least four channel (if you do not use flaps), but rather at least a five-channel radio system that allows control of the flaps.

To power the Cessna are optimal Li-poly tříčlánky 1800 mAh with a load capacity of at least 20C.

Position lights are supplied from a special electronic module lights - that plugs into a free channel receiver (used only for power, no remote control).

Cessna is intended for advanced modelers. Model as a scale model of sport "bednovitého" high wing aircraft, will acquaint you with some characteristics that are similar to typical machine - you will be required to successfully coordinated control model rudder, ailerons and elevator. This experience was "like finding" no later than immediately after embarking on his first flying aerobatic model or a (semi) mock any kind. You will also learn to use flaps during takeoff and landing - we believe that short takeoffs and landings, "crawling on minimálce" and more "posh", you will soon enjoy just like we do with our prototype. Cessna domain is naturally quiet flitting over both land and water surface, which gives you as colleagues at the airport enough time to enjoy the elegant shapes. But after a little "roll-away" Jubilee Cessna reliably handles loop Wing over a barrel roll. Just sports wing aircraft as it should be!

ARF kit includes: ready-made model wheeled chassis fitted with a brushless motor, propeller blade with cone, speed controller and four servos, a set of small accessories and instructions.

Margin [mm] 1206
Length [mm] 960 - 1106
Weight [g] 950 - 1050
Wing area [dm 2] 21.4
controlled functions S, V, K, M, F, bow leg
Building intensity S1
Difficulty piloting P2

Drive and RC equipment:

Jubilee Cessna
Engine * CD2830-1400
Regulator * AC 20A
Propeller * 9x5 "
battery RAY G3 11.1 V 1800 mAh
Serva * 4x Micro
RC rig min. 4 channels (no flaps), 5-6 channels rather Computer
*) Part of ARF set

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