214284 Tucan 1300mm kit"

The semi-cluster of Brazilian training aircraft from ELAPOR, 1300mm for AXI 2826 AC motors. The aileron, rudder and elevator can be fitted with a retractable chassis. Brisk acrobatic"


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Since its first performance at the Nuremberg Toy Fair has been less than a month, yet the snow melted, and he is ready to begin construction of electro latest acrobatic ELAPORu from Multiplex! Let's take a look at what our "German comrades" prepared. You will see that again overcome, and offer us even smarter, more sophisticated, and as always great flying model! Simply, "White even whiter!" in the best modeling design!

Tucano Multiplex took a step away from their mostly Sporty models to maketám. Tucan is nothing for pilots who can not sleep when the number of rivets on their machines opposed to the last with a real plane, but the rest of us enjoy this wonderful a model of Brazilian-British low-wing trainer properly time! Tucan you can build an AC motor with a diameter of 35 mm class AXI 2826 and tříčlánkem LiPo for recreational and acrobatic flying dummy or a souped-up engine with a diameter of 42 mm and LiPo pětičlánkem for deep vertical drilling into the sky. The model can provide a fixed gear supplied in the kit or him "pimp" install electric retractable.

The fuselage is made of foam ELAPORu with "multiplexácky" sophisticated internal reinforcement structure made of plywood, laser-carved parts. This forms the "backbone" of the model; carries the engine and the nose undercarriage leg, drive battery and is anchored to her and wing. The AC motor is mounted in the bow on the bed with an aluminum spacers. The bed is included in the kit, motor mount is designed for engines with four mounting screws located at the corners of an imaginary square with a diagonal of 25 mm (AXI, FOXY, HiMax etc.). for engines with differently arranged mounting screws will need to make a new partition from 3 mm duralumin sheet. Transparent canopy of the cockpit indicated the seats and instrument panels are removable (with magnetic closure) for easy access to the drive battery and the receiver. Servo rudder and elevator are located in the tail and rudder control short straight rods.

One-piece wing with polosouměrným profile is made of foam ELAPORu with reinforcements from fiberglass rods and carbon tubes. The hull is fixed polyamide screw. For the aileron servos are prepared pits corresponding dimensions servos HS-81 (Tiny-S), the wings are again dominated by short wire rods.

The tail surfaces are also made of a stir ELAPORu with fiberglass reinforcements.

The landing gear in the basic version is fixed tricycle landing gear with wire legs. Nose leg is controllable, controlled by independent servo mounted in the nose. Construction of the model allows for the possible installation of tuning an electric retractable undercarriage, # 72 3485, for which they are already required in the wing molded shaft.

To drive the model for normal recreational flying can be an AC motor AXI 2826 class regulator 55-70 and switched stabilizer BEC powered from tříčlánkového LiPo battery with 3000-3300 mAh capacity and carrying capacity of at least 25 A - it matches the original drive set Multiplex # 33 2663 (motor, controller, propeller with carrier), respectively. # 33 3663 (plus LiPo battery). For sharper flying is suitable tuning Multiplex drive unit with a motor with a diameter of 42 mm - ## 33 2664 (motor, controller, propeller with carrier), respectively. # 33 3664 (plus LiPo battery) - A regulator with 55-70 pětičlánkem LiPo.

To control model with fixed undercarriage basically just the normal four-channel radio system, to exploit all of the model is optimal to use at least a six-channel computer radio system.

Serva meet the size of the micro structure allows the use of four servos HS-81 for the rudder and one HS-82mg to control the bow legs. In particular pilots tuning version advisable to install a more powerful servo with metal gears. < / P>

Tip: The model can also be nice to revive installing lights Multiplex # 7 or # 3020 Multilight 7 3030 POWER-Multilight with remote control of lights.

Kit includes: moldings fuselage, wings, tail and propeller cone ELAPORu, plywood laser-carved parts of the internal structure of carbon tubes and fiberglass rods for reinforcement, clear canopy, hard wired chassis, lightweight wheels, a set of small accessories, 2 sheets of stickers and instructions.

Margin [mm] 1300
Length [mm] 1110
Weight [g] 1850
Wing area [dm 2] 32
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M
Building intensity S2
Difficulty piloting P2, P3

Drive and RC equipment:

* MPX trainer FOXY coach AXI coach ** MPX tuning
Engine HiMax C3528-1000 FOXY G2 C2826-900 AXI 2826/10 HiMax C4220-0510
Regulator Multicont BL-55 S-BEC FOXY R-65SB FOXY R-65SB Multicont BL-55 S-BEC
Propeller APC 12x6 APC 14x7 APC 14x7 APC 12x10, 14x7
battery Li-BATT FX 3 / 1-3200 mAh RAY G3 11.1 V 3250 mAh RAY G3 11.1 V 3250 mAh Li-BATT FX 5 / 1-3200 mAh
Serva 4x Tiny-S, 1 Tiny-MG 4x HS81, 1x HS-82mg 4x HS81, 1x HS-82mg 4x Tiny-S, 1 Tiny-MG
RC rig min. 4 channels, but rather at least 5 channels Computer
*) Set Multiplex Drive # 33 or # 33 2663 3663
**) Sets Multiplex Drive # 33 2664 n Ebo # 33 3664


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