264291 PILATUS PC-6 red 1250mm kit"

ARF set of highway transport with a span of 1250mm produced"


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PC-6 Porter and its upgraded version Turbo Porter with a turboprop engine, the Swiss company Pilatus belongs since 1959, when the first prototype flew, a permanent fixture among small transport aircraft with short takeoff and landing (STOL). In addition to the parent plant it produced under license from American company Fairchild-Hiller and Porter / Turbo Porter is also due to spread to the military air forces around the world as well as honestly and faithfully serve the "small services" over deserts and snow-covered plains. Everywhere there is to certify the ability to take off from the untreated surface of the length of a football field (factory pilots parent company, but it also managed to half the distance); Large doors facilitate cargo handling, as well as planting paratroopers. Pilatus Porter also holds the world record in altitude take-off and landing fixed wing aircraft (Dhaulagiri Glacier, 5750 m above sea level).

And that legend as a novelty for Spring 2014 has prepared the company MULTIPLEX. Of course, the construction proceeded traditionally thoroughly after "multiplexácku" with an eye for detail, as do we all love and admire! In addition, the model is already almost done with just a few screws attach the horizontal tail, wing and propeller, install the receiver, insert the drive battery, and you can take off!

Fuselage made of foam ELAPORu comes fitted with a brushless outrunner Permax BL-O 3530-1100, fitted with 40 A AC regulator MultiCONT BL-40SD and Servo rudder and elevator. In front of the upper torso is space for batteries easily accessible thanks to the removable foam cap, also with a magnetic closure. The kit can be found naturally Scale cone diameter 50 mm, 4 mm collet grippers and propeller 11x5,5 ".

The vertical tail of ELAPORu is already glued to the hull and rudder control rod and spurs are already installed. The horizontal tail of ELAPORu is fastened to the fuselage using a screw. Servo rudder and elevator are stored under the removable cover with magnetic closure on the underside of the fuselage behind the wing.

The wing also made of foam ELAPORu with polosouměrným profile is a two-piece, carbon-jointed pipe clamps. Wing are provided both screws on the underside of the wings astringent sleeves in housings for connecting pipe and also maketovými struts to quickly and easily attach to the fuselage with the clips on the body, they know what automobile modelers. The slotted wings are controlled by a pair microservo stored in the wing by wire rods stored inside the wing, as well as slotted flaps.

Two-wheel chassis with controlled spur of roasting the rudder is outstanding scale sprung consists of a combination of wire and plastic parts.

As a special accessory, you can buy a set of floats # 73 3060 from ELAPORu with duralumin braces that your Turbo Porter turns into a perfect amphibian.

Controlled by the ailerons, flaps, rudder (the composite spur), elevator and motor speed.

To control the model you need at least four channel (if you do not use flaps), but rather sedmikanálovou radio system that allows control flaps and all functions without compromises and complications.

To power the Turbo Porter are optimal Li-poly tříčlánky 2200 mAh with a load capacity of at least 20C.

As a special accessory can also buy a set of lights # 73020 MULTILIGHT.

Turbo Porter is intended for advanced modelers. Model as a scale model of sport "bednovitého" high wing aircraft, will acquaint you with some characteristics that are similar to typical machine - you will be required to successfully coordinated control model rudder, ailerons and elevator. This experience was "like finding" no later than immediately after embarking on his first flying aerobatic model or advanced (semi) mock any kind. You will also learn to use flaps during takeoff and landing - we believe that short takeoffs and landings, "crawling on minimálce" and more "posh", you will soon enjoy just as they are already doing, "German comrades" on You Tube. Sticking Turbo Porter is naturally quiet flitting over both land and water surface, which gives you as colleagues at the airport enough time to enjoy the elegant shapes. But after a little "roll-away" Turbo Porter reliably handles loop Wing over a barrel roll. Just sports wing aircraft as it should be!

ARF kit includes: ready-made model in red and white coloring wheeled chassis fitted with a brushless motor, propeller blade with cone, speed controller and servos 6, a set of small accessories and instructions.

Margin [mm] 1250
Length [mm] 930
Weight [g] 1100
Wing area [dm 2] 21.7
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M, F (2)
Building intensity S1
Difficulty piloting P2

Drive and RC equipment:

Engine * Permax BL-O 3530-1100
Regulator * MultiCONT BL-40SD AC 40A
Propeller * 11x5,5 "
battery RAY G3 11.1 V 2200 mAh
Serva * 6x MS-12016
RC rig min. 4 channels (no flaps), preferring to channel 7 computer
*) Part of ARF set


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