75888 Multiswitch FLEXX three-channel RC switch"

Three-channel open collector switch for MULTIPLEX M-LINK receivers with SRXL serial output. Power supply 3,8-12 V (max 3S LiPo), switching current max. 3A per channel. Can be set to permanent switchin


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Three channel switch receiver MULTIPLEX with serial output bus SRXL (all telemetry receivers M-LINK receivers RX4 / 9 FLEXX M-LINK ID and RX4 / 16 FLEXX M-LINK ID) enabling switch currents up to 3 A per channel at voltages up to 12 V (3S LiPo). It is suitable for lighting (LED series resistance according to the voltage or light bulbs, allows you to choose steady, blinking or flashing), sirens, car horns, small DC motors, etc.

MULTI switch Switch FLEXX is controlled by the serial signal on the bus MULTIPLEX SRXL, allowing the series to sort a few of these switches or other devices compatible bus SRXL (SRXL output must first be activated by the receiver with MULTIPLEX Launcher program or programmer MULTImate). The switch can not be used with receivers that have SRXL output. Terminals for power switches and terminals of each channel switches form a miniature screw terminals for easy wiring in the model.

MULTI FLEXX Switch can operate in two modes: the power of elected jumper - a common power supply to the receiver (maximum switching voltage is limited allowable voltage receiver and servos) or special power load switching, which allows for switching voltages up to 12 V (3S LiPo).

With the PC program MULTIPLEX Launcher and # 85149 USB PC interface or # 82094 Programmer / servotesteru MULTImate can be programmed for each channel:

  • Channel number RC rigs
  • Threshold control signal for switching relay
  • Method of control switch (switch or button)
  • Mode switching - permanent, blinking, flashing

Set the switch includes: multiswitche FLEXX, instructions.

[V] 3.8 to 12.6
Max. current (for one channel), [A] 3
Number of channels 3

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