Focus V2 RTR sailboat

Sailboat model with a 995mm plastic hull in RTR version with 2.4GHz set, strong winch servo and rudder servo. Competition sailboat class 1M, carbon mast and boom, total height 2046mm. Great model even for really large bodies of water and stronger knows


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FOCUS II is a model sailboat competitive sailboat classes 1M, which is a great wheeling on each larger water surface. Despite the larger dimensions ( "meter" and torso overall height 2046 mm) is due to demontovatelnému two-part mast and keel easily transportable faithful companion for weekend trips or vacation by the water. You just four AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries in the transmitter and receiver for four, fix the mast, keel, rudder and sails - and off you go. FOCUS II is supplied as RC set - preassembled sailboat with installed electronics and proportional four-channel 2.4GHz transmitter.

The ship's hull is plastic, easy access to the battery compartment for the receiver Kryk warrants from a special reusable plastic film. If you for some reason need to get to the receiver and servos controlling the rudder and sails, it is possible after removing 6 screws to remove the entire bed servos and electronics.

Two-piece mast is made of carbon tube as boom; the end of the mast parts are protected against breakage metal rings. The boom mainsail with adjustable strut is mounted on two ball bearings. The sails are made of solid synthetic fabric (Dacron) tear-resistant, tails sails are reinforced with glued plastic film. Stationary rigging (from super hard yarns Dyneema) conventional turnbuckles allows to adjust the position of the mast in a wide range, it is also a sliding foot of the mast.

Onboard electronics supplying four AA batteries or alkaline batteries. If you use high-quality NiMH batteries with low self-discharge, such as our Long RAY 2000 mAh or 2000 mAh Sanyo Eneloop, you have a source for a few hours of sailing.

The transmitter is equipped with digital trims (with audible alarm position) switches sense deflections and trimmers nastvení deflection size, allowing easy adjustment and convenient management model. To control the ship is fitted microservo with metal gears for rudder and a winch powerful special servo for controlling the sails.

Teaching sailing instructions will help you with a pictorial guide explaining maneuvering the boat while sailing downwind against him. Words such as jigger, orca, Hals, cruising ... now you will no secret!

Along with the ship is supplied stand from plastic and carbon parts, which will be used in preparing the ship for sailing and at times outside the sailing season allows you to turn FOCUS II apartment in an elegant accessory.

RC set includes: ready-made model sailing ship fitted with on-board electronics, a four-channel transmitter 2,4GhHz, stand and instruction manual.

Length [mm] 995
Width [mm] 170
Height [mm] 2046
Mast height [mm] 1578
Sail area [dm 2] 52.73
Area orcas [dm 2] 15.88
Area or part thereof Gaff [dm 2] 36.85
Weight [g] 3450
controlled functions LK, NP
Building intensity S1
Difficulty piloting P1, P2

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