Mad Flow Speedboat ARTR Brushless V2

Speed \u200b\u200bboat model with AC motor and 30A speed controller. Plastic hull 590mm, (without battery and charger). Flooding chamber in left float for automatic rollover override.


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Speed \u200b\u200btunnel electric powered gliders with plastic hull length of 570 mm for extreme (above 55 km / h!) Poježdění on larger bodies of water. The model is supplied almost ready, ready to sail (enough to mount a rudder and propeller, save the receiver into the supplied rubber ball for protection against water, charge and insert the batteries are) with high-performance AC motor D2842 with water cooling. Cooling water is drawn tube located on the right side of the stern, outside of the ship is diverted to the left rear. The engine power is transmitted directly coupled to flexible shaft shipping stored in a Teflon sleeve which is a universal joint associated with short shaft with a two-blade screw for make outboard engine. The direction of travel is controlled by the rudder, which is part of the mock outboard engine.

For an easy return to normal sailing position after the crash, the left float chamber equipped with flooding. This is the rollover of the ship when it enters a larger wave, or too abruptly "cut" the curve, filled with water and the model is brought into a position in which the propeller occupy and Mad Flow may start again.

Control provides two-channel pistol transmitter 2.4GHz, on-board electronics include a four-channel receiver, water-cooled electronic speed regulator 30 and protected against the ingress of water and microservo helm. The rudder control and engine speed is of course fully proportional.

Access to the engine, battery and electronics ensures removable cover; which circumferentially pasting, self-adhesive tape ensuring perfect watertightness.

To power the model, you'll need a three-cell Li-poly battery 1300-2200 mAh 11,1 V capable of carrying at least 30C to power the transmitter will need 4 AA (AA) alkaline batteries or NiMH batteries.

RC set includes: finished model, ready to sail, spare propeller, two-channel pistol transmitter, plastic stand, allen past, rubber ball and instruction manual. < / P>

Length [mm] 590
Width [mm] 230
Building intensity S0
Difficulty piloting P2

Recommended drive and RC equipment:

Engine * D2842
Regulator * 30A
battery drive FOXY G2 11.1 V 1800 mAh
Propeller * 2-rail 35 mm k1.4
Serva * 1x Micro
RC rig * 2 channels
*) Part of the set RC

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