FOXY programming card for air / heli controllers"

Programming card with four-digit LED display for programming FOXY air controllers."


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Programming card for air controllers FOXY a four-digit LED display. Serve for easy and fast programming controllers - alone at home "on the table" or involved in the model home at the airport.

The controller is connected via servocable socket is located at the top of the card. The card's power is supplied from the controller (if it is a type of BEC power stabilizer with attached drive battery) or from normal 4-5čl. NiCd or NiMH receiver battery pack attached to the card (if the regulator OPTO or when programming the controller itself with BEC without connecting the drive battery). FOXY controllers can be programmed in the model and connected with the engine and propeller - for safety reasons, but we recommend that when programming remove the propeller (or pinion helicopter), respectively. disconnect at least two of the three wires between controller and motor - to avoid any possible accident at any omissions or operator error.

For programming, the foursome buttons:

  • tl. MENU to scroll between functions
  • tl. VALUE (value) sets the value of the function,
  • tl. OK to confirm the value set and stored in the memory controller (stored in the memory is indicated by red LED flashes on the card)
  • tl. RESET is used to return the set values \u200b\u200bto the factory default settings.

Functions and their values \u200b\u200bare displayed on the four digit LED display - left two digits indicate the serial number of program functions; two digits to the right of the set value.

List of features and possible values \u200b\u200bcan be found on a label on the card.

Note .: The card can not be used to program the controllers FOXY CAR for RC cars.

Setting regulators XR-90 and XR-120 OPTO HV (applies to new 2016 version with two servo cable)

Install the controller model, attach the motor, long servo controller plug into the throttle channel of the receiver. The receiver must have its own power supply - the receiver pack or UBEC stabilizer.

Span gas

1. Turn on the transmitter and shift Throttle to "full throttle".

2. Turn on power to the controller and the receiver connect the drive battery. Wait approximately 2 seconds, the motor will beep twice (**), then the throttle fully down, the motor will beep again twice (**), which means that the controller test the extent of the control signal from the transmitter. Then, the controller checks the connected drive battery and audible alarm brake settings (one or two long tones). The controller is ready for operation.

Programming the controller parameters

The short servocable controller card, connect the programming FOXY with attached battery pack with a switch. Do not turn the card so far.


1. Turn on the transmitter, make sure that the throttle position the engine off.

2. Turn on power to the controller and the receiver connect the drive battery. Wait for normal activation - beep to indicate the regulator found that the number of articles and brake adjustment.

3. Turn off the power of the receiver.

4. Apply power program card. After 2 seconds the red LED on the card and the numbers 1 and 1 on the LED display. Now you can adjust the values \u200b\u200bof each controller functions specified in the instructions and the controller card.

Use Plane, Helicopter
Type DC
[V] 5 - 6.3
Length [mm] 70
Width [mm] 45
Height [mm] 13
Weight [g] 23