SPEED R21GT II engine itself

OS MAX SPEED R21GT II is a 1/8 On Road model. 3.49cc engine suitable for 1/8 On Road models. Power 2.65 PS at 34,000 rpm, speed range is 4,000 - 42,000 rpm, Turbo spark plug, weight 362g.


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More info

The high-performance GT II engine has evolved into a new generation!

From the previous OSSPEED R21GT model, which was at home in GT cars on the European market, it was very well received. The engine ran smoothly and got good fuel economy, but the crankshaft tweak improved the mid- and low-rpm power feel. In addition, a newly designed internal head liner improves idle characteristics and vibration. Added to this is increased dust resistance due to the use of an internal O-ring of the head. The cooling head has been lightened with attention to detail and has evolved into the OSSPEED R21GT II model.


  • Modified crankshaft
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Lightweight head for maximum engine cooling and low center of gravity
  • DLC coated crankshaft with two tungsten weights
  • Cooling head insert with silicone O-ring increases dust resistance
  • Carburetor 22E (B) GT for maximum performance development

Technical Specifications
  • Displacement: 3.49 cm3
  • Bore: 16.08mm
  • Stroke: 17.20 mm
  • Channels: 5 + 3
  • Speed range: 4,000 - 42,000 rpm
  • Power: 2.65 hp at 34,000 rpm
  • Weight: 362g