LiPo-safety case 400x300x140 mm

Safety case for storage and charging of Li-Pol cells, made in safety category F20. Dimensions: 400x300x140mm.


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More info

LiPo safety case - large

Dimensions approx. 400 x 300 x 140 mm
Internal dimensions approx. 325 x 225 x 70 mm
weight approx. 5.0 kg
Max. charging current 20 A. For 2 x 7S LiPo batteries

Highly concentrated LiPo cell energy brings some risks. To avoid accidents, we recommend using a LiPol safety case, especially when charging and storing LiPo and Lilo cells in the house or in the car.
The LiPo safety case provides protection against fire hazards and other hazards that may arise from burning or bursting of LiPo cells due to improper handling, short circuit or overload. The case is a non-flammable container designed for the safe storage, charging and transport of lithium-polymer cells.

  • It is manufactured in accordance with F30 / R30 with a hazard code of DIN 4102 / EN 13501.
  • An integral part is a flame-retardant pressure valve allowing for the escape of hot gases in the event of a fire inside the trunk.
  • Heat-resistant filter to prevent the escape of hazardous residues (carbon black) in the event of a fire.
  • Foam insulating glass in the sheath ensures physical stability at temperatures up to 1200 ° C max.
  • Included is a set of cables for connecting LiPo cells to an external charger.