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SKY RC Signal loss signaling and model search

Signaling of signal loss from transmitter and lost model. Volume 85dB. Mode 1 - signal loss of signal and after 1min of inactivity of transmitter (suitable for RC sets with fail-safe), Mode 2 - loss


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Loss of RC model airplanes is a very unpleasant thing. You know, it must be somewhere nearby, but trees, shrubs, flowering jungle rape, "gas station" or other natural phenomena conspired against your quest to find the model. Move the transmitter controls in the hope that you hear buzzing servos, but not heard nothing.

SKYRC therefore developed a module beeper signal loss and lost model controlled by a microprocessor. This simple device that can be connected between any channel receiver and servo will detect a loss of signal from the transmitter and emit a loud (85 dB) alarm. You will warn you if you have not turned on during the briefing transmitter or after the flight forgot to turn off the power of the receiver. If the model disappears after landing in confusing terrain, just turn off the transmitter and begins to hear a beep and red LED will flash! If you select the operating mode 1, except for warnings after loss of signal, the alarm sounds even after one minute of inactivity (if you do not move the controller channel to which the module is connected). If you do not require such warnings, switch to the mode of the second


The above description applies to the RC rigs without fail-safe function. Operation Mode 1 also allows use of the module with RC kits with a fail-safe, where the loss of signal from the transmitter to the receiver output reflected only by the servo will go to pre-programmed emergency displacement (if fail-safe set to the "Preset" ) or maintain a position corresponding to the last signal properly adopted (mode "Hold"). Whatever the fail-safe of your RC system in any mode, after 1 minute after loss of signal begins to sound a signal, because the module will evaluate this situation as the inaction of the transmitter. Mode 2 if RC system with fail-safe function can not be used.

Package includes: signaling module signal loss with connecting cables (connectors Graupner / Hitec) instructions. < / P>

[V] 5-6
Volume [dB] 85
Current consumption (quiescent) [A] 2.5
Current consumption (Alarm) [A] 50
Length [mm] 18.1
Width [mm] 18.1
Height [mm] 12.9
Weight [g] 7