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DSM ESC - Dual Switch Mixer"

DSM ESC is an electronic on-board voltage combiner for powering the receiver and servos. It combines the input voltage from two speed controllers (ESC) with a BEC circuit, or a receiver battery and a


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DSM combiner ESC is an electronic on-board power supply for the receiver and servos. Combines the input voltage of the two speed controllers (ESC) with BEC or receiver battery and BEC controller. The signal from the receiver is fed to both controllers simultaneously. Product includes a magnetic switch the receiver power.

Supply of electronic controllers connected to the inputs of DSM ESC are constantly measured and using hysteretic comparator connected directly to the output. Attached are either both or one input that has a higher voltage. Signal outputs are connected to each other. Output DSM ESC is equipped with JR connector that lets you connect the output directly to the receiver. JR second connector, male, used to connect electronic switches, magnetic switches or RC Switch. DSM ESC can also be operated without the use of the electronic switch when the DSM ESC permanently switched on and works only as a combiner voltage.
DSM ESC contain stabilizers for scaling the input voltages connected. At the exit DSM ESC will always be the same voltage as the input connected to a higher voltage. Make sure that the receiver, servos and other equipment that is supplied from the output DSM ESC, are given voltage.
DSM ESC control is realized by the magnetic switch, which can be placed on the fuselage. After applying a special magnet is switched on or off the system. When switched on, the electronic switch is characterized by minimal transition resistance.