U-Boot type VII premium line"

Detailed 1:48 submarine model with 2 Speed \u200b\u200bDC motors installed. Length 1390mm."


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Type VII was a class of medium-sized submarines of the German Kriegsmarine from the Second World War. It is the most manufactured submarine in history. Altogether, 710 were completed and many others were disassembled by the end of the war. A model for the development of this class was the German UB III submarines deployed in the First World War. Submarines were built in a number of variants from 1935 until the end of the war. The first VIIA version was built in 10 pieces, the VIIB version was built in 24 pieces, with the most famous VIIC type being made in more than 600 pieces. They took about 2600 combat cruises and sank 190 war and 1175 merchant ships. [9] But they suffered heavy losses; about 400 were killed, with 22,000 sailors killed (73% of total German submarine losses).

The model is built in 1:48 scale and comes complete assembled. The laminated hull is already factory fitted with a pair of SPEED DC electric motors. For easy access to electronics, the model comes with a detachable superstructure made from ABS.


  • Completely assembled model
  • Fuse made of laminate
  • Bodies made of ABS
  • Large number of mock accessories
  • Complete surface treatment
  • Built-in Speed \u200b\u200bmotors
  • Simple installation of RC components
  • The rack is included in the package

To control the model requires min. 6-channel RC set, the model can be retrofitted with other mock-up features.

Kit content:

  • Completely assembled model
  • 2x Speed \u200b\u200bmotor
  • Stand
  • Machete accessories

This model is supplied to order.

Length [mm] 1390
Width [mm] 150
Height [mm] 290
Weight [g] 75" 00