GL06 ASK-21 3200mm ARF

Semi-scale model of a high-performance 3200 mm glider for thermal sailing. Construction fuselage wing and tail surfaces, controlled ailerons, rudder, elevator. Ready for mounting the electric motor to


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Three-meter "Ah-Es-Káčko" from the production of Phoenix is designed especially for aero-tow and thermal flying. Its design also allows for the installation of engines brushless motor AXI 2826 class with a folding propeller in the bow model.

The fuselage consists of lightweight plywood partitions with solid celobalsovým coating coated iron-on transfers Oracover. Access to the on-board electronics provides a removable canopy under a clear "bubble" containing mock dashboards, seats and steering levers, for which you can establish a pilot who obviously missing in the kit. The bow can install the supplied motor mount, which can mount an electric motor (extension shaft engines with 5 mm shaft is also included in the kit).

Two-piece wing is pushed to the side of the two clutches of the dural tube is a classic design with torsion box with balsa solid coating and coated iron sheets Oracover. Ailerons are controlled by a pair of servos with short straight rods; realistically thick airfoil (the series HQ) with an arched middle curve gives enough space for conventional micro servos. Wing is ready for installation of electrically operated air brakes system Schempp-Hirth of 450 mm.

Empennage in the T setting up the balsa, the horizontal stabilizer and vertical tail are balsa cover; The tail is again coated Oracover. Rudder and elevator are controlled micro servos stored in kýlovce and the horizontal stabilizer. The horizontal tail surface is fixed with two screws to kýlovce.

The landing gear is formed by two half unsprung wheels projecting from the contour of the fuselage.

To control the model you need four strong micro servo - eg. MS-85mg.

RC rig just ordinary sedmikanálová computer.

Motorization model: ASK 21 can power an engine mounted in the front fuselage folding propeller on bare stringer without cone - such a solution is almost invisible, whether the engine is running or not. Ensure sufficient power brushless motor AXI 2826 class-powered 4S LiPo battery 2600-3300 mAh.

Kit includes: structural fuselage, wings and tail surfaces coated Oracover, accessory kit and instructions.

Margin [mm] 3200
Length [mm] 1650
Weight [g] 3000 - 3200
Wing area [dm 2] 64.5
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M
Building intensity S2
Difficulty piloting P2, P3

RC glider recommended equipment:

Rx aku Sanyo KR-1800SC 4.8 V or higher as necessary to achieve cg
Serva HS-4x 85mg
RC rig computer min. 7 channels

Recommended RC equipment Elektra:

Engine C3548 / 06 C2826-750 AXI 2826/12
Regulator RAY Combo R-70SB Combo FOXY R-65SB FOXY R-65SB
battery RAY G3 14.8 V 3300 mAh RAY G3 14.8 V 3300 mAh RAY G3 14.8 V 3300 mAh
Propeller 13x8 " 13x6-7 " 12x6-7 "
Serva HS-4x 85mg
RC rig computer min. 7 channels


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