BH138 L-13 Blaník glider 2700 mm ARF CZ Silver Edition

Semi-scale model of the historical 2700 mm glider for driving the AXI 2826 electric motor. Special


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All-metal two-seat training glider L-13 Blanik produced from 1958 to 1978, one of the leading Czechoslovak contributions to world aviation. Immensely popular machine for pilot training, but also capable of basic aerobatics and also applicable to remote into their ferry flight dailies wrote thousands of sailors worldwide. Now you can do your hangar and take you in Czech special "solid steel" edition. Included in the kit is a sheet of stickers allowing Blanik build virtually any matriculation OK-xxxx number, so you can have your brother "adult" gliders. Our Slovak friends, of course, may instead stick matriculation OK OM-xxxx.

"Skorotřímetrový" Blanik from the production of Black Horse is intended primarily for aerotow and thermal flying. Its design also allows for the installation of a brushless motor motorization class AXI 2826 with a folding propeller in the bow of the model.

The hull consists of lightweight rigid plywood bulkheads celobalsovým coated silver-coated iron foil Oracover. Access to the on-board electronics provides a removable canopy under a clear "bubble" will find replicas of dashboards, seats and steering levers for which you can settle svazarmovského pilot who obviously missing in the kit. The bow of the model will find an adjustable motor mount, which can be mounted on the engine in the rear mounting.

Two-piece wing sliding laterally on the two links of duraluminium tubes is a classic design of the torsion box with a stiff hard coating and balsa blanket Oracover iron foil. Ailerons and flaps are operated servo with a pair of short straight rods; realistically thick wing profile with an arched middle curve gives enough space for the use of conventional micro servo.

Tail classic arrangement balsa, horizontal stabilizer and vertical tail are balsa blanket; the whole tail is again coated Oracover. Half rudder and elevator are controlled by wire rods micro servos mounted in the cockpit.

The landing gear consists of one unsprung around half protruding from the fuselage contour.

To control the model you need seven microservo - you can use the common HS-81 and HS-82mg, rudder rather HS-85BB and HS-85mg.

RC kit should be at least sedmikanálová computer.

Motorization model: Blanik can propel the engine mounted in the front of the fuselage with a folding propeller on bare stringer without taper - such a solution is almost invisible, whether the engine is running or not. Ensure sufficient power brushless motor AXI 2826 class supplied from 3-4S LiPo battery.

Kit includes: structural fuselage, wings and tail surfaces covered with ORACOVER, accessory kit, sheet labels and instructions.

Spread [mm] 2700
Length [mm] 1410
Weight [g] 2500
Wing Area [dm 2] 56.2
controlled functions S, V, K (2), M, F (2)
Building intensity S2
difficulty piloting P2, P3

RC glider recommended equipment:

Rx aku Sanyo KR-1800SC 4.8 V or higher as necessary to achieve a center of gravity position
Serva 6x HS-81, HS-85BB 1
RC rig Computer min. 7 channels

Recommended RC equipment Elektra:

Engine C3548 / 05 C2826-900 AXI 2826/10
Regulator Combo RAY R-70SB Combo R-65SB FOXY R-65SB
battery RAY G3 11.1 V 3300 mAh RAY G3 11.1 V 3300 mAh RAY G3 11.1 V 3300 mAh
Propeller 12x6 " 14x6-7 " 14x6-7 "
Serva 6x HS-81, HS-85BB 1
RC rig Computer min. 7 channels

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