Plastic ModelKit ship 05472 - USS Constitution (1: 146)

Ship model for bonding.


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More info

Ship model for bonding. Size: 1: 146; 43.5 cm. The package contains: 191 pieces for gluing.

On sale from 17.11.2014.

Original information:
The USS Constitution was the first ship built for the United States Navy. During the war in 1812 she earned the nickname "Old Ironside". The salvage of the HMS Guerriere warship then bounced off the hull of the Constitution as if the ship were made of iron rather than hardwood. On the contrary, the Constitution destroyed its subsequent Guerriere fire. Throughout its long service, the enemy has never been able to get on board. It is still possible to inspect the Constitution in the Boston Harbor, where it swings on the waves as a glorious symbol of the then-young, but courageous nation.

Information about the model:
- Wooden structure of hull and deck - 4 lifeboats - 24 cannons - 2 anchors - Detailized blade - One-piece straps - Textile sails - Detailly processed masts and masts with masthead - Detailed instructions for installing ropes (the choice between simple and complete variant) - Arch with flags - Model display rack

Required colors:
- basic: 05, 08, 36, 88, 89, 93, 94
- next: 87, 91, 37, 85, 56

Model details
Scale: 1: 146
Number of parts: 191
Length: 435 mm
Height: 294 mm
Difficulty: 5

Recommended for children from 13 years of age.

Warning: Risk of suffocation! The product contains small parts. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS!"