Foxy PB battery 12V / 7.2Ah

Lead AGM maintenance-free accumulator 12 V / 6 cells with reversible valves. Dimensions: 151x65x95 (101) mm, weight: 2050g. Terminal voltage for charging: cyclic operation (full charge / discharge) 14


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More info

FOXY maintenance-free lead-acid batteries use modern AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology with electrodes separated by a separator made of non-woven glass fiber fabric, which is saturated with electrolyte. The battery is completely enclosed in an ABS plastic case and under normal conditions there is no danger of electrolyte spillage; The safety valve protects against explosion in the event of overloading during charging or discharging.

Battery installation

  • Protect the battery from vibrations and other shocks and shocks that may occur during the operation of RC models or during installation in portable devices (startboxes, etc.) by wrapping it in foam rubber or similar material. Mount it in an easily accessible place, but it will be protected from the ingress of fuel, flue gases and other operating fluids or water.
  • The batteries are equipped with standard terminals for FASTON 4.8 mm (0.187 “) type connectors; the terminal embedded in red epoxy resin is positive (+), the terminal embedded in black resin is negative (-).
  • Lead-acid batteries are HEAVY; please make sure that your battery holder is strong enough.

General principles for handling and discharging lead - acid batteries

  • The maximum peak discharge current must not exceed ten times the numerical value of the nominal capacity of the battery (10C), the continuous discharge current should not exceed 3C. E.g. max. discharging current of a battery with a capacity of 3 Ah is 10 x 3 = 30 A, continuous 9 A.
  • Deep discharge causes permanent damage to the battery and significantly shortens its life. You can prevent this by never fully discharging the battery (no more than 1.8 V per cell), always switching off the connected electrical equipment after use and charging the battery in time.

Charging for cyclic and standby operation

  • Charging should take place in constant current - constant voltage ("CC / CV") mode. This means that the charger must operate in such a way that the maximum permissible charging current and the maximum charging voltage are not exceeded. The maximum charging voltage depends on the mode of operation of the battery and the temperature; may be higher (2.40-2.50 V per cell) for full charge / full discharge cyclic operation, which is typical for using a battery to power models, power electric starters and power panels, etc. In standby mode, when the battery is maintained still fully charged (UPS backup power supply, power supply for emergency lighting, etc.) the maximum permitted voltage is lower (2.26-2.30 V). The higher the ambient temperature, the lower the permitted terminal voltage for charging.
  • If you do not have an automatic lead-acid charger that accurately monitors the charging process and automatically keeps the current and final voltage within acceptable limits, use only "slow charging" with a current of 0.1C - a current equal to one tenth of the rated capacity of the battery.
  • Example: 10 Ah battery: slow charge 0.1C = 10 (Ah) / 10 = 1 A. The charging time for a fully discharged battery is approx. 14 hours at this current. After this time, charging should be stopped immediately.

Battery life

Once manufactured, the battery undergoes natural aging, which is reflected in the deterioration of its parameters - regardless of whether it is operated or not. The service life strongly depends on the mode of operation (cyclic / standby), the degree of loading, the depth of discharge, the operating temperature and humidity, etc. tests of FOXY batteries in laboratory conditions at 20-25 ° C show a typical life of over 1000 cycles when discharging to 70%, over 400 cycles when discharging to 50% and over 200 cycles when discharging to 100%.


Store batteries in a fully charged state in a dry environment at a temperature of + 5 ° C to + 30 ° C with a maximum humidity of 50 When stored at 25 ° C, the self-discharge is approx. 3% per month. If the batteries are stored for more than 1 year, they must first be fully charged again.

Capacity [mAh] 7200
Voltage (rated) [V] 12
Voltage (terminal for cyclic operation) [V] 14.4 - 15
Voltage (terminal for backup) [V] 13.6 - 13.8
Charging current (max.) [A] 2.1
Discharge current (continuous) [A] 21.6
Discharge current (peak) [A] 72
Internal resistance (fully charged, at 25 ° C) [mOhm] 20
Length [mm] 151
Width [mm] 65
Height [mm] 95
Height (total with outlets) [mm] 101
Weight [g] 2050