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More info

The walkie-talkie was used as a demonstration. It is fully functional, checked by service and undamaged (scratches are only on the shipping box). Complete packaging as a new set.

More information about the original product:

Audio file of telemetry in Czech language can be found in the download section.

The MX-20 with 12 control functions and Graupner Hott technology enables advanced control of a wide range of RC models. The use of Graupner Hott 2.4 GHz transmission technology ensures high reliability thanks to bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver with integrated telemetry and ultra-fast responses.

The MX-20 Rc Kit features 20 model memories, easy-to-access programming buttons, a high-contrast 8-line blue backlit graphical display that ensures perfect display of all adjustable parameters and telemetry data. It is also possible to store telemetry data and expand memory to models using a micro-SD memory card.With 12-bit 4096 data transfer is possible very sensitive control of the model.Transmitter is equipped with USB port for reading and storing model data on headphones.
  • Microprocessor system using the latest Graupner 2.4 GHz Hott signal transmission technology
  • Two-way communication between transmitter and receiver.
  • Wireless teacher / student system
  • 5 basic menu languages (German, English, French, Italian and Spanish) - additional language available via Software update download
  • Storage of telemetry data with date and time.
  • For digital servos it is possible to select the clocking of 10 ms
  • Ultra fast response time by directly transferring data from the main processor to the 2.4 GHz transmitter - a very reliable transmission. There is no further delay to the will of the other modules in the signal path. < / li>
  • Short folding antenna.
  • Operation and programming based on the proven transmitter mx-24.
  • The high-contrast blue backlit graphical display provides perfect control over parameters such as model type, model memory, timer, and battery voltage.
  • 12 control functions
  • Free switch assignments.
  • 24 memories for models
  • 7 switches / buttons, including 2 three-position switches, two 3-position switches and 3 analogue switches.
  • Freely selectable Mode 1-4
  • CAP-TOUCH - touch control panel with key lock function prevents accidental start-up.
  • CAP-Touch display - can be changed in the main menu on the main menu telemetry using ESC.
  • Key-Lock function to prevent the engine from accidentally starting.
  • Display of telemetry data directly on the transmitter display, incl. programming options.
  • The "monitor" of the switches allows all switches to be checked
  • 12 programmable mixes for helicopters (5-point gas curves, team, etc.)
  • 7 programmable flight modes
  • Extensive programming options for aircraft and helicopter models.
  • SUPER SERVO menu contains a sophisticated overview of all servo settings - 4 simple parameters (direction of rotation, middle position, separate for each side separately for each side and servos limit for 12 servos - total of 72 settings)
  • SUPER Dual-Rate, EXPO and EXPO- / DUAL-RATE-Menu with 36 settings for three servo variants and six flight phases.
  • Fail-Safe Monitor for 12 Serv
  • Convenient menu clock - stopwatch, alarm timer, countdown timer, bike counter, etc.
  • Stopwatch with history
  • Set EPA endpoints for all channels.
  • Sub-trim to set the exact neutral position of all servos.
  • 2-stage Expo- / Dual-Rate-System, individually adjustable, switchable in flight.
  • Possibility to set mixes.
  • Programmable Fail-Safe function "Hold" or "adjustable position" for each channel separately. < / li>
  • Stopwatch / Countdown timer with alarm function.
  • Copying model memories
  • and many others

General HoTT functions

  • Simple and extremely fast pairing of transmitter and receiver
  • Range test, possibility of setting the minimum voltage warning Tx accu
  • Extremely wide range of receiver power supply: 3.6 - 8.4V (functional up to 2.5V)
  • Failsafe, free channel allocation (channel mapping), mixing settings, servo settings - only with HoTT SmartBox
  • Pair any number of channels to expand the number of channels (max- 32 channels)
  • Possibility to control up to 4 servos in one block with 10ms clocking (digital servos only)
  • Maximum interference immunity thanks to optimized frequency hopping and full band mapping (75 channels)
  • Intelligent data transmission with signal correction
  • Extremely fast response even at maximum distances
  • Real-time telemetry data
  • Possibility to operate up to 200 rc sets at a time
  • Software updates for all rc kits

Package contents:
Set contains: Transmitter with Tx battery 2000mAh, 1x receiver Hott GR-16, charger 220V / 200mAh, SD micro card 2 Gb, cables for transmitter and receiver upgrade, Czech manual.