CADET 4 PRO 2.4 GHz mode 1

4-channel RC 2.4GHz FHSS, Mode 1. Reverse servos, switchable mixers, dual deflection switch (for channels 1 and 2), 6-channel receiver with fail-safe. RC set for RC sets PELIKAN DANIEL, for re


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CADET 4 PRO is new, "the utterly" modernized version of the popular 2.4GHz FHSS RC, which in the world of remote-controlled model introduced thousands of new supporters. Reconstruction transmitter necessitated by the need to meet new and forthcoming European standards also gave us the opportunity to add many useful features, such as digital trims and dual switch with adjustable deflection deflections for channels 1 and 2 (usually aileron and elevator). Naturally, there is the possibility of switching sense deflections for all channels and switchable mixer for flying wing and V-tail. CADET 4 PRO is designed for recreational hobbyists of all skill - well meet for simple models of airplanes, cars and ships, and is smart enough even for a flying wing models with "Véčkovým" tail. CADET 4 PRO is ideal for beginners who want to invest "a fortune" to the hobby in which only rozkoukávají for trips with folding model and a small backpack, traveling on vacation ...

What is in the RC rigs CADET 4 PRO new?

Especially is this new VF episode using new transmission protocol V4, which provides greater range RC sets (800 m on the ground) at a lower current consumption. Brand new digital trims with beep each step, Wednesday (double beep) and end positions (continuous tone).

Cross drivers have new levers with aluminum heads, whose length can be set in the range of about 25-35 mm. This is invaluable for a perfect fit to your hands; maximum length is especially useful when operating the transmitter in the console (you can use the console to vysíalč Hitec Optic 6th

On the transmitter will no longer find previously conventional mechanical switch sense servos and mix for three-position switch V-tail and flying wing (delta). But do not worry, these features at the Cadet 4 PRO course there is, but "get" them with digital trims. It's simple - lever trim channel in which you want to change the servo, you simply press and hold the right (ailerons, rudder) or up (elevator, gas) and turn on the transmitter - that's all. Similarly, switched off or mixes for flying wing or butterfly tail - in this case pressed simultaneously trims the top of the elevator and the gas and to turn it on. Turning mix signals green LED - when lit continuously, the mix turned off when blinking is switched on.

A completely new feature is the double deflection, selectable by toggle switch D / R to the right (in transmitter mode 1) or left (in transmitter mode 2) above. This allows you to switch between full scale and reduced aberration, for channels 1 and 2 (aileron and elevator) can be set using rotary trimmers ATV-D / R in the range of about 30-100%.

For power now make do with four AA alkaline batteries or NiMH batteries, which due to the lower consumption of the transmitter lasts longer. To put the transmitter into operation will need 4 AA (AA) batteries which can be charged without removing the transmitter via built-in charging connector. For charging, you can use the compact power charger Hitec CG-S32 or other suitable charger - constant current source with a charging cable Hitec # 6375th

Receiver RX-602 V4 is smaller and lighter than earlier versions and allows you to set up emergency deflection fail-safe in case of strong interference or complete loss of signal from the transmitter.

Set with a six-channel RX-602 V4 and weight range (800 m on the ground) is suitable for Slow and park-flyers, conventional electric motor and gliders, boats, cars and other "surface" technique.

ATTENTION: The transmitter CADET 4 PRO is not compatible with 2.4GHz receiver with two antennas (Protocol V1 and V2) or a receiver with an antenna V3 protocol previously supplied in sets RC PELIKAN DANIEL (Alpha 1500, Skylady III 2.4 GHz Cessna 480 2.4GHz BETA 1400, Pioneer ASW-17, FOX-1800, Gamma 2100, Baby Warbirds etc.) or sold separately. Likewise, new receivers RX-602 V4 (single antenna) are not compatible with older transmitters embodiments CADET Protocol (V1, V2 and V3).

The kit includes:

Four-channel transmitter CADET 4 PRO 2.4GHZ FHSS

  • two universal controller with digital trims in mode 1 (throttle right)
  • dual switch deflections D / R (for channels 1 and 2)
  • two trimmers "ATV-D / R" for setting the size variations in the channels 1 and 2 (switchable switch D / R)
  • Switching sense deflections for all channels (with trim)
  • switchable mix flying wing and V-tail (with trim)
  • charging connector for transmitter batteries (4.8 V)
  • operating status indicator with 2 LEDs
  • button pairing and control range
  • sound signal transmitter low voltage batteries (starts at about <4.2 V)

Six channel receiver RX-602 V4 (single antenna)

Pairing RC sets CADET 4 PRO (Protocol V4)

  • 1. To pair the transmitter and the receiver may be kept at a distance greater than 1 meter. Switch on the transmitter.
  • 2. Press and hold the SET button on the receiver and the receiver on. When the red LED on the receiver starts flashing, release the button.
  • 3. Within 10 seconds, then press and hold the BIND button on the transmitter until all LED on the transmitter and the receiver begin to glow continuously lit. Release the button; transmitter is ready for operation.
Transmitter CADET 4 PRO
number of channels 4
System 2.4GHz FHSS protocol V4
power 4.8 V (4 x AA alkaline batteries or NiMH battery)
Receiver RX-602 V4
number of channels 6
System 2.4 GHz FHSS protocol V4
Fail-safe Yes
power 4.8 to 6.0 V
Dimensions 35x25,3x13 mm
Weight 8 g

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