Top-of-the-range 16-channel PCI-based PROFI TX16 M-LINK 2.4 GHz, with extensive programming and expansion capabilities. LiFe Tx 4000 mAh battery, with receiver with integrated 3D stabilizer"


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The latest version of the "flagship" MULTIPLEX RC kits with front panel "carbon" design and advanced programming options especially for complex models of aircraft, ships, ground vehicles and multikoptér. Top šestnáctikanálová computerized radio system, building on the best of the reference transmitters PRO mc4000 and ROYAL EVO / PRO. ROYAL series EVO / PRO remind arranged structure of programming menus and tilting graphic display, which is much, much bigger. PROFI mc 4000 reminded again almost unlimited freedom of programming and assigning or sliders with adjustable stop allowing accurately find the rest position by touch.

TX PRO is characterized by high natural intelligence and almost unlimited programming possibilities with free assignment of all controls. Owners of RC kits ROYAL EVO / PRO will be after entering the programming menu "at home"; PRO TX uses the same basic menu structure and setting up ways - with one exception-important. He disappeared into the concept of "global" mixes limiting opportunities for individual adaptation functions - now when you assign a complex mix of relevant channel is completely independent and can be for the model freely programmed and adjusted.

MULTIPLEX is a tradition that does everything his way. The unique design of the transmitters TX PRO is no exception. Strictly purposeful shapes inspired by robust but discreet elegance of a top industrial designer Wolfgang Joensson (among its customers include companies such as Louis Vuitton, Samsung, LG Electronics, etc.). At first sight the large graphic LCD display with a diagonal of 5.8 inches (256x64 pixels).

Another element is the dominant drivers cross the dural levers stored at 4 ball bearings. Like transmitters ROYAL EVO / PRO drivers can be rotated (vertical axis may deviate up to 15 degrees) for a perfect fit especially if you prefer to control the thumb. Driver heads are obviously interchangeable; You can install short lever inch or control lever with built-in button or 2- or 3-position switch. Strength neutralizing force is easily adjustable; You can choose locking gas springs (jump with a latch lock for airplanes or smooth the friction spring for helicopters). Cross-mode drivers (1 ... 4) can of course be chosen arbitrarily.

Cross drivers are supplemented digital trims in the proven style ROYAL EVO / PRO with an audible signal center position, their locations are shown on the display and stored in memory separately for each flight mode.

Directly below the display is a small panel with illuminated labeled, telemetry alarms - An icon alerts you to exceed the programmed limit states of voltage, temperature, fuel level / battery etc.

Front and center is the transmitter power switch surrounded by a circular indicator of the operating status of the transmitter, underneath the large 3D digital controller (Kleck + button) are used to navigate the menu and adjust parameters.

On both sides of the main switch are complemented sliders adjustable stop. There can be locked in any position characterized reclined position slider - making it easy groped "šoupák" to return to the starting position.

On the sides of the cross controllers are the knobs with levers brought out above the top panel and on the sides, so they are easily accessible, whether you cross drivers holding his thumb or "Pent-style" between thumb and forefinger.

On both sides of the screen, you'll see the six shafts ready for installation 2- or 3-position switches, buttons, rotary proportional controllers or digital rotary actuators (can be used eg. For tuning the mixing ratio for the flight). < / P>

The bottom edge of the front panel there are 11 programmable keys in two rows - top row of keys allow direct access to each of the main program menu.

Also striking is the absence of the usual "truncheon" 2.4 GHz antenna. PRO TX transmitter is built using a special antenna system IOAT with light distribution optimized for management of RC models.

The transmitter is possible to control the thumb strap to hang onto the center of the eye, located on the front panel. For fans of the chest-style controls are part of the transmitter tipping hooks that can be mounted on normal or cross strap. Into counter transmitter can complement the installation pohodných restraints, which are sold as a separate accessory.

On top of the transmitter to the left you will find the headphone socket on the right side, sliding under the cap SB socket used for charging the transmitter battery, transmitter firmware update or data backup to a computer (PC, Mac or tablet).

The transmitter operates in the 2.4 GHz FHSS system uses Frequency Hopping MULTIPLEX M-LINK. Broadcaster operating in two modes with different transmission speeds: Normal mode with a repetition rate ( "frame rate") 21 ms suitable for operation with analog and digital servos or super fast mode Fast Response "with a repetition rate of 14 ms, which will in conjunction with digital servos offer a really swift response. Both modes of transmission while allowing transmission of telemetry; telemetry data are displayed on the transmitter display.

Like their predecessors series ROYAL PRO and PRO mc, using transmitters PRO TX unique system programming MULTIPLEX with complex mixes for each servo / channel transmitter. While transmitters other brands are many mixes "degree of intelligence" at a multiplex transmitter basically just enough to mix much in the model servo or otherwise controlled functions. But these mixes are much smarter. Each mix controls the movement of the servo in full - i.e., in response to all the drivers that have influence its movement. Control functions (inputs) mix can be up to 8; Each input can be switched on or off switch and choose one of eight waveforms curve. E.g. wing glider can react to the motion controller wings (primary function), control valves (= mix flaps-ailerons), drivers butterfly brake (= butterfly mix), the driver of the elevator (= mix of elevator-flaperons, "football flaps"), and another switch ( which serves as a switch flight mode) will aileron swing to a fixed set position up or down to change the camber guaranteeing higher lift for circling in thermals or greater incisiveness to quickly find another thermals - and you can add as desired, three more entries ! The resulting "smixovaný" the control signal is still possible for each servo shaped like a curve with 2, 3, 5 or 9 points adjustable, so you can perfectly align "paired" servos (ailerons, elevator halves ...). And not only that - there are two more auxiliary programmable mixers, which you can use to control any servo add another entry.

Of course, you do not always need such a sophisticated way to control, so the transmitter software contains a very simple mixes for direct control, where eg. The elevator servo and only reacts to movement of the elevator control.

Especially for mock added sequencers enable intelligent control eg. A retractable landing gear and doors, retractable engine on a pylon for gliders or multistage switching functions (2-9 positions).

For helicopters is available a set of pre-programmed mixes allowing encompass all types of control rotor heads and mixes needed for the use of modern heading-lock gyro Flybarless System and Governor. < / P>

Aware paradoxical rule, "HUGE programming options provide also need a LOT of programming," MULTIPLEX introduces the concept of "programming template" files preprogrammed functions to facilitate the setting up of model airplanes and helicopters. Accelerate 6 preprogrammed aircraft models (simple practice engine model, acrobat, flying wing, delta glider with 4 servos in the wing, large scale model), 5 templates for helicopters (Funcopter - with a solid team, with mechanical mixing, helicopter CCPM with electric drive helicopter CCPM internal combustion engine and helicopter Flybarless system), one template for cars, boats and tracked vehicles. The Master Edition added extra templates for multikoptéry and aircraft models with gyroscopic stabilization system WINGSTABI.

Assigning controls and switches facilitates automatic matching - when you want the control to "assign" to him just a cuckold. The role mixového switches can serve as proportional controls - just set the point at which it has come to switch and mix function. There are also 4 logically linked switches ( "Magic Switch") with adjustable delay on and off, which mixes function starts only after they are satisfied the initial conditions for up to four inputs (eg. A particular feature is turned on only when the gas below 20%, landing gear and flaps extended over 10%).

The program menus are neatly organized, fully utilize the possibilities of the graphical display eg. To show the curves of controlled functions or display of the servos in servomonitoru.

The transmitter can be used to control PC simulator - for that is ideal to use USB interface MULTIflight Stick - 2.4GHz USB receiver integrated with an interface in the usual size of a USB stick.

Operation of the dual teacher-pupil is wireless, using M-LINK system. it is possible instead of the normal linear shape assign specific attributes - a 9-point curve, fixed value, slow motion (up to 12), 3 different sequencers (landing gear door chassis, engine on a retractable pylon), gyro, multi-position mode (2-9 positions), "richness mixtures" (9-point curve in response to a signal for controlling a gas burner and a smoke generator)

4 logically linked switching function "MagicSwitch" function depends on the state up to 4 inputs (including data from telemetry sensors for MS2-MS4), with adjustable delay on and off fail-safe emergency displacements displaying telemetry data on the display (M-LINK telemetry receiver with "DR")

Pre-programmed mixes aircraft

  • comprehensive and easy mixes for basic functions
  • aileron differential
  • mix aileron-rudder
  • Kontrol-mixes (freely programmable mixers with a single input)

Pre-programmed mixes helicopters

  • preselection gas (9-point curve) with switchable Governor throttle limiter and adjustable speed response
  • preselection team (9-point curve)
  • a complex mix of the rotor head with electronically mixovanými servos for CCPM servos 3-4 with an adjustable angle between the servos (90-150 degrees) for optimum adaptation to all virtual systems and adjustable rotating swash plate
  • a complex mix of the tail rotor with adjustable zero point offset and differentiation
  • control gyroscope.
  • Kontrol-mixes (freely programmable mixers with a single input)

RC kit includes:

  • PRO transmitter TX16 Master Edition, equipped with two sliding and two rotary controls, two digital controls, 4 switches (1x 2-position, 3-position 3).
  • LiFe transmitter battery 4000 mAh
  • Telemetry receiver with gyro stabilizer WINGSTABI DR-16-P RO M-LINK 2.4 GHz
  • USB cable
  • USB PC interface # 85149 for setting WINGSTABI, receivers, telemetry equipment

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