35403 ROYAL SX -elegance- 16 channel set"

Set of sixteen-channel computer transmitter ROYAL SX 16 M-LINK 2.4GHz and 16-k RX-16-DR telemetric receiver For 2.4 GHz M-LINK. The transmitter is equipped with HFM4 M-LINK 2,4 GHz and TX 2100 mA"


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Top šestnáctikanálová computerized radio system from a family linked to the proven ROYALpro transmitter designed for placement in the console and hand-held ( "thumb"). It is characterized by high natural intelligence and great programming options with the free assignment of all controls. Since the previous transmitters at first sight differ sleek black cabinet with new dural levers of the stick. New are the very mechanisms of the stick stored in four ball bearings - they were taken from the premium range transmitters MULTIPLEX PROFI TX.

Thanks to a 16-bit processor využívajícímu flash memory software transmitter easily updatable via the Internet and PCs using MULTIPLEX launcher and USB connection cable.

ROYAL SX comes with an RF module for 2.4 GHz band, but interchangeable RF transmitter modules enable operation even in model zones 35 and 40 MHz modulation FM / PPM or M-PCM.

RF Module M-LINK transmitter has operations in two modes with different transmission speeds: Normal mode with a repetition rate ( "frame rate") 21 ms suitable for operation with analog and digital servos or super fast mode Fast Response "with a repetition rate 14 ms, which will, in conjunction with digital servos offer a really swift response. Both modes of transmission while allowing transmission of telemetry; telemetry data are displayed on the transmitter display. In Normal mode, the transmitter operates as šestnáctikanálový in the Fast Response as Twelve channel.

Like their predecessors series ROYALpro, using transmitters ROYAL SX unique system programming MULTIPLEX with complex mixes for each servo / channel transmitter. While transmitters other brands are many mixes "degree of intelligence" at a multiplex transmitter basically just enough to mix much in the model servo or otherwise controlled functions. But these mixes are much smarter. Each mix controls the movement of the servo in full - i.e., in response to all the drivers that have influence its movement. Control functions (inputs) mix can be up to 5; Each input can be switched on or off switch and choose one of eight waveforms curve. E.g. wing glider can be responsive to movement of the actuator wings (primary function), control valves (= mix flaps-ailerons), drivers butterfly brake (= butterfly mix), the driver of the elevator (= mix of elevator-flaperons, "football flaps"), and another switch (which also serves as a switch to flight mode) aileron will swing to a fixed set position up or down to change the camber guaranteeing higher lift for circling in thermals or greater incisiveness to quickly find another thermals. The resulting "smixovaný" the control signal is still possible for each servo curve shaped like a five set points so you can perfectly align "paired" servos (ailerons, elevator halves ...).

Model aircraft is such complex, free mixers 14, where 5 is already preprogrammed (but can be changed at any time). And not only that - there is another auxiliary programmable mix, which you can use in any comprehensive mix to add another entry.

For helicopters is available a set of pre-programmed mixes allowing encompass all types of control rotor heads and mixes needed for the use of modern heading-lock gyro and governor.

Aware paradoxical rule, "HUGE programming options provide also need a LOT of programming," MULTIPLEX introduces the concept of "programming template" files preprogrammed functions to facilitate the setting up of model airplanes and helicopters. Accelerate with 6 pre-programmed models of aircraft (single engine trainer model, acrobat, hotliners, flying wing / delta, simple glider, glider with 4 wing servos) and 2 helicopters (with mechanical mixing, helicopter CCPM). < pitch / roll / yaw-gas-roll, roll, pitch-roll)

RC kit includes:

  • ROYAL SX16 Transmitter
  • The transmitter battery Permabatt 7.2 V 2100 mAh NiMH batteries with low self-discharge
  • HFM-4 M-LINK 2.4 GHz
  • Telemetry receiver RX-16-DR M-LINK 2.4 GHz is particularly suitable for giant models
  • Charging cable transmitter

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