45161 COCKPIT SX 9 transmitter itself"

Nine-channel 2.4GHz transmitter with crossover controls with touch screen and 2 proportional controls, 6 switches and 2 buttons. Transmitter with LiFe Tx battery, memory of 200 models, acro mixes, sen


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The nine-channel computer transmitter is loosely linked to the proven COCKPIT SX for advanced recreational pilots as well as beginners who prefer equipment with a greater perspective in the future. The new COCKPIT SX has a color touch screen for all transmitter programming and operation, 4 ball bearings in the MULTIPLEX PROFI TX premium range, integrated speaker telemetry output with speakerphone and headphone jack, large SD memory card models, and especially sophisticated software with Intelligent Assistant, with which programming a new model is really a toy! In addition, COCKPIT SX was 100% developed and manufactured in Germany - and also has a program menu in Czech.

The transmitter offers operation in two modes with different baud rates: Normal mode with a 21 ms frame rate suitable for analog and digital servo operation, or in a fast-response Fast Response mode with a 14 ms repeat rate that gives you connection with digital servos will offer a really quick response. Both transmission modes allow telemetry to be transmitted; telemetry data is displayed on the transmitter display.

Like its predecessors, the COCKPIT SX uses a unique MULTIPLEX programming system with complex mixes for each transmitter servo / channel. While the number of mixers is "the level of intelligence," with MULTIPLEX, the transmitter has basically just as many mixes as the servo model or other function controlled. But these mixes are much smarter. Each mix controls the movement of the servos in its entirety - ie in response to all the controls that can influence its movement. Mixing control functions (inputs) can be up to 5. For example, a glider aileron can respond to the motion of the aileron controller (primary function with adjustable differentiation), flap actuators (= wing flap mixers), aerodynamic brake actuators (= butterfly mix), elevator controls (= ") and you can set" offset "- fixed servo deviation from neutral." By varying the offset setting for each flight mode, the aileron will deflect to a certain fixed up or down position to change the curvature of the profile, ensuring higher buoyancy for rotation in the thermal or higher penetration to quickly locate the next rising stream. Similarly, flaps (flap, wing, elevator, spoiler, offset) or elevator (elevator, flap, spoiler, gas) are the same. This system is very convenient and comfortable to set up the model - just take one servo after another and adjust their response to individual transmitter controls (eg left wings +10 mm up and 5 mm downwards in the role of ailerons in all flight modes, offset 2 mm up to increase penetrating in one flight mode, offset 3 mm downwards to increase lift in the next mode, 15 mm up when the spoiler driver is fully biased) without worrying about the "rest" of the model. And you do not have to worry about the combination of several mixes after an hour of programming, as is the case with other brands of RC sets. For example, if you want to control the 2 servos elevator, it is not a special mix like other transmitter brands, but you simply assign the elevator function to 2 channels of the transmitter. Another example is the butterfly mix - which is not the same here, but you will do it by adjusting the response of the aileron servo, flap and elevator to the spoiler driver.

For helicopter models, a set of pre-programmed mixes is available to accommodate the basic types of rotor head controls for flybarless systems, electronically mixed CCPMs and mechanical mixers.

The "User Interface" is a colorful graphical touch-sensitive LCD display, with a stylish stylus to transmit to the transmitter. The display is backlit, with automatic brightness control. The program menus are clearly arranged, they make full use of the graphical display options, for example, to display the curves of the controlled functions or to display servo servo deflections. <" / p>

Being aware of the paradoxical rule: "Great programming possibilities also bring the need for VALUE PROGRAMMING", MULTIPLEX comes with the concept of "program templates," a set of pre-programmed functions for setting up aircraft and helicopter models. Work will speed up 4 pre-programmed aircraft models (a simple drill model, an acrobat, a glider with up to six wing servos, a wing / delta), and a helicopter and a multi-kicker.

But that's not all, you can rely on the "Wizard" to create a new model, which will take you step by step by setting all parameters - from the initial choice of the model type and the configuration of the control surfaces, through the mix settings and the size of the deflections to the timekeeping with selectable trigger mode - eg switch, gas controller, etc.) and telemetry data transmission and telemetry voice output.

A pair of precision crosscuts with a simply adjustable force of the neutralizing springs and a gas spring arrestor (a jump with a latch for the aircraft or a helicopter friction spring) can be used to control the model. You can freely select the crank mode (1 ... 4); the gas lock and the force of the neutralizing springs can be adjusted without having to open the transmitter. The crosscuts are complemented by two rotary proportional controls on the rear of the transmitter, six switches (3 three-position and 3 two-position) and two buttons. Assigning channel controls and assigning channels to the transmitter is free; Assignment of mix switches is also free (from V1.40).

The trims are digital with an acoustically signaled center position and a graphical display of the position on the display. Their positions are stored independently for each flight mode.

The transmitter is equipped with a mini USB socket on the back, which enables the charging of the transmitter batteries, PC simulator control or data transfer to / from the computer using the appropriate cables (the built-in SD card will appear as a "drive" after the connection to the PC) and the software update." Next to the USB socket is a 3.5 mm jack for the telemetry voice output head, and a torx loop for adjusting the gas lock and neutral spring force.

The transmitter is powered by a built-in LiFe accumulator 3.3V 4000 mAh, which guarantees up to 24 hours of operation. You can charge the battery with a USB cable from your computer or network or vice versa. 12 in the MULTIPLEX adapter.


  • Supplied in mode: 1-4 (easy to change without the need to open the transmitter)
  • nine-channel transmitter suitable for holding in hand
  • two precise crosscuts mounted in ball bearings
  • digital trims with audible center position indication and graphic display on the display
  • mini USB socket charging connector / PC interface
  • color touch LCD display (programming, voltage indication, stopwatch, telemetry display)
  • 2 rotary channel controls
  • 6 switches (3 two-position and 3 three-position)
  • 2 buttons
  • acoustic signaling of low power supply
  • intelligent operating system and charging of the battery
  • LED RF Transmitter Signal
  • 2.4GHz M-LINK transmission system for telemetry transfer

Program features

  • memory for 200 models on SD card
  • switchable language of the program menu (English, German, French, Czech, Italian, Spanish)
  • entering the model name
  • 4 basic types of models (engine models, gliders, helicopters and multi-kickers)
  • 2x stopwatch / timer with acoustic signaling
  • data deletion (reset)
  • copying memory
  • easy memory backup on PC models
  • 6 program templates (pre-programmed models)
  • teacher-pupil mode setting
  • select language of the program menu (English / German / French / Czech / Italian / Spanish)
  • Select the M / LINK 2.4GHz (Normal / Fast Response) speed
  • to lock the gas controller by pressing the button" / li>
  • 3-point or 5-point servo deflection settings (from V1.40) in all channels (matches EPA defaults, reversing meaning and subtrim on other transmitter brands)
  • graphical monitor of servo defaults
  • EPA on all channels (graphic display)
  • exponential waveform for all channels (graphical view)
  • double deflections for all channels
  • up to 5 flight modes (from V1.40) with independently adjustable dual and exponential deflections of servos, trims and many mix parameters
  • 8 free programmable mixes ( 4x "Control Mix" - mixes the controls with each other eg to switch the gas knob to the gas control function or the butterfly brake in flight or to add another input to a complex mix / 4x Servo Mix - mixes the controls and mix outputs directly on output for the selected servo eg for chaining the mixes for complex control functions for aircraft, car, boat, etc.)
  • fail-safe emergency excursions
  • Displaying telemetry data on the display (M-LINK with "DR" telemetry receivers)
  • voice output of telemetry with adjustable volume (especially variable volume and voice message volume adjustable) and reporting frequency

Pre-programmed aircraft mixes

  • 5 flight modes
  • complex mixes for control of basic functions (ailerons, rudder, elevator, butterfly tail, wing, damper, spoiler, etc.)
  • mix aileron-rudder

Pre-programmed helicopter mixes

  • 4 flight modes
  • mixers for control of basic functions (cloning, tilting, side, collective, gas, gyro, etc.)
  • rotor head mixers with electronically mixed servos (CCPM 3-point 120 °) or 90 ° for flybarless systems or mechanical mixer models
  • preselection of gas (9-point curve)" / li>
  • collective selection (9-point curve)
  • proportional gas restrictor

The RC kit contains:

  • COCKPIT SX9 transmitter with built-in LiFe transmitter battery 3.3 V 4000 mAh
  • USB cable (USB 2.0 / USB mini 5-pin)
  • Removable eye for center strap
Number of channels 9
Length [mm] 190
Width [mm] 210
Height [mm] 60
Weight including LiFe battery [g] 850


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