15301 SMART SX M-link set, mode 2 + 4 2.4GHz"

Heckanálová RC set 2.4GHz M-LINK with cross. drivers in Mode2 + 4. Transmitter with memory of 50 models, deflection setting, double deflection, 5-k RX-5 receiver. Full range, compatible with all recei


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Six-channel 2.4GHz radio system M-LINK (System Frequency Hopping spread-spectrum) MULTIPLEX - transmitter with two universal remote control, multi-function button for adjusting transmitters and digital trims for recreational hobbyists of all skill - good matches for simple models of airplanes, cars and ships and He is smart enough even for our bonbónbardér PIONEER requiring switching channel for controlling the bomb bay or "unbreakable" helicopter FunCopter from Multiplex. SMART SX is ideal for beginners who do not yet want to invest "a fortune" to the hobby in which only rozkoukávají, but are demanding quality branded transmitter and receiver compatible with RC sets the upper classes with a reliable, secure and highly resistant to interference transmission system.

SMART SX is also an excellent "second radio to multiplexácké family" - enables dual management system, teacher-pupil - and above all it is compatible with all transmitters and receivers MULTIPLEX 2.4 GHz M-LINK, so it can operate even simpler model that normally control " adult "Cockpit SX, Royal Pro or even PROFI TX. This makes it ideal for trips with folding model and a small backpack, traveling on vacation ...

Although SMART SX at first glance looks like a "džojstik from plejstejšnu", it's not a toy, but an intelligent computer transmitter with memory for 50 models and upgradable software! The body conceals a patented transmitter antenna radiating characteristics IOAT with most focusing the emitted radio frequency energy into "front polosféry" - that is the space where you are looking at and where your model flies, while behind your back transmits energy to a minimum. Thanks to SMART SX guarantees reach far beyond the visual model of normal size.

In addition to basic functions (2 channels for aileron, rudder, elevator, gas) controlled by cross controllers is available two-channel switchable sixth spot trim gas - eg. landing gear, weapons bay, tow Aerotow and other similar auxiliary functions (the sixth for use of the channel is of course necessary to use a six-channel receiver).

Memory models is stored basic settings for each model - the senses of the servos, the trims, dual displacement etc. Not only that! Thanks to a unique system receivers with identification numbers ID enables SMART SX automatic assignment of a specific receiver in a specific model to a pre-programmed memory in the transmitter. In practice, so you can buy the needed model EasyStar II version RR + (assembled model with electronics including the RX-5 M-LINK ID2), turn on the transmitter and turn model - the transceiver will automatically pair and the transmitter switches to a pre-programmed memory 2, which is already loaded at the factory setting for the Easy Star II. If you have more models with ID receiver after switching on the transmitter itself is always "speaks" to the receiver and go to the respective memory - never not be mis-! The memory (even the pre-programmed) can be changed as needed (eg. Change the meaning of the servos, trim settings etc.) in the future you can also simply from websites Multiplex download new pre-programmed models. This transmitter is equipped with a data port, which also gives the opportunity for the future firmware updates transmitter (with USB interface # 85149 and computers).

SMART SX is available in two versions with universal remote control with the gas right (Mode 1 + 3) or gas left (Mode 2 + 4); the user can easily select the software if the first version uses the mode 1 or 3, in the second mode version 2 or 4. "Reconstruction" transmitter Mode 1 + 3 2 + 4 modes or vice versa is not possible. Plastic lever actuators can replace tuning aluminum, which are sold separately.

The actual setting of the transmitter could not be simpler: if you for example. elevator servo "walks" in reverse, the driver simply depart the elevator to one extreme position, press the multifunction button on the transmitter and hold it until the servo model does not go to the opposite extreme position. From this point already servo will move correctly; setting a course immediately memorized. Press the elevator controller can switch Dual Rates - full of experienced pilots and aerobatics or reduced for takeoff and landing, for beginners. Press on the gas (in position at the bottom) you can lock or unlock the throttle - it's a great feature if you need to model turned "hot" something set. The locked gas motor will not start, even if you happen to need to put the throttle control at full throttle!

Another advantage of the digital trims with memory and audible alarm position. If you press the trim, trim individual steps indicate a short beep, central position and the end position signals a double beep. In addition, the position of the trim is stored in the transmitter, digital trims are far more "resilient" against unwanted movement than traditional mechanical lever trims - be it while the transmitter, and in the off state (where you can squeeze trim as you want, nothing happens, the position of the trim is securely stored in memory).

For easy control range has the SMART SX mode transmission with reduced power (range 50 m), which is easily triggered by long pressing the pairing button immediately after turning on the transmitter.

M-LINK, of course, also allows you to program and store in memory of the receiver deflection emergency fail-safe in case of loss of control signal. So you can eg. Set, that in an emergency, throttle back to idle and rudders return to the neutral position.

Since the SMART SX uses the same transmission as "other 2.4GHz transmitters MULTIPLEX can using telemetry receivers M-LINK ensure the transmission of telemetry data from the model to the speech telemetry" Souffleur ", who will be elected report the data attached handset "ear". < / P>

SMART SX can work in wireless Teacher-Pupil as a Pupil transmitter. As a teacher transmitter can use any MULTIPLEX transmitter fitted with multifunctional socket module wireless system teacher-pupil # 45183 M-LINK Trainer stick or 2.4GHz transmitter module TX PRO # 45184 Copilot.

To put the transmitter into operation, you need 3 AA (AA) or rechargeable batteries. Small current consumption of the transmitter ensures a dry battery operating time up to 25 hours. If you use batteries, you must recharge the transmitter.

Part of the RC rigs SMART SX is a tiny five channel RX-5 M-LINK ID1 - small and light, but with the full implications (is assigned automatically to free memory no. 1). The ideal, of course, is for use in small models - slow-flyer and park-flyer, but with absolutely no need to worry it necessary to put almost-foot motor glider Easy Glider.

The kit includes:

- Six 2.4GHz transmitter SMART SX M-LINK drivers in Mode 2 + 4

  • two cross drivers
  • multifunctional button for adjusting the transmitter pairing control range
  • Digital trims with audible alarm
  • data port for firmware update
  • operating status indicator LED and audible alarm
  • audible low voltage signal transmitter batteries
  • Wireless teacher-pupil (pupil transmitter only)

- Five-channel RX-5 M-LINK ID1

- 3 dry batteries for the transmitter

Overview of preprogrammed patterns (January 2013):

  • ID2 EasyStar II
  • ID3 Easy Glider Pro
  • ID5 Razzor
  • ID6 Fun Copter
Transmitter SMART SX
Number of channels 6 (5 proportional, 1 switched)
System 2.4GHz M-LINK
Number of memory models 50
telemetry Only when using telemetry receivers M-LINK telemetry receivers "Souffleur"
power 3.6 V (3 x AA alkaline batteries or NiMH battery)
Receiver RX-5 M-LINK ID1
Number of channels 5
System 2.4 GHz M-LINK
telemetry No
power 4.8 to 9.0 V (4-5 Article. NiXX 2s or Li-XX)
Dimensions 34x20x11 mm
Weight 7 g