AURORA 9 9-Channel 2.4GHz, Optima7, TX Battery (Mode 1)

Nine-channel RC 2.4GHz computer set (AFHSS with telemetry) with crosscuts. Transmitter with Tx Battery, Optima Receiver 7. Backlit Touch LCD Display.


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AURORA 9 knows Czech!

At the end of July 2010, Czech software for Aurora 9 transmitter (v 1.07) came out. In addition to a number of new or improved features that make it easy for you to program and expand the broadcaster's possibilities, you can now program your Aurora in your native language and enjoy even more of its inviting and intuitive menus. The same applies to the latest updated version of V1.09!

Detailed information about update V 1.07: HERE
Detailed information about the update V 1.08: HERE
Version V 1.09 offers the possibility of displaying telemetry from the new HTS-Advance, the actual update is done in the same way as in previous versions.

At the Model Hobby 2009, Aurora won 9th product of the year!

Aurora 9 was awarded the "Transmitter of the Year Award" award for less than 6 months on the market.

Basic description
  • AFHSS 2.4GHz
  • 5.1-inch (130mm, 320x80 pixel) backlit LCD 5.1-inch easy-to-read LCD
  • Customizable menu
  • Set the model type in one step
  • 3 multipurpose digital trims
  • Fully assignable switches, buttons, cross and rotary controls and digital trims
  • Precise and sensitive crosscuts mounted in eight ball bearings
  • Comfortable holding in hand thanks to non-slip surface grips
  • 4 programmable optional crosscut modes (plus 2 additional modes with rotary controls)
  • Easy mechanical change of the crossover mode / adjustment of the force of the neutralizing springs
  • Power management system (adjustable display brightness and auto-off)
  • Fine trim trimming (200 adjustable trim steps - approx. 0.025 degrees / step)
Standard programming
  • 9 Assignable Channels
  • 3 types of programs (ACRO / GLID / HELI)
  • 30 memory for models
  • up to 20-character model name
  • 8 flight modes with up to 10-character names
  • Fail-safe
  • Channel assignment
  • EPA (defaults)
  • Dual Deviations " Exponential Deviations 24R
  • Subtrimy
  • Reversing the meaning of servitude deflections
  • Serving speed (up to 25s in both directions) 24R
  • Servo Monitor (Monitor and Servo Tester)
  • 8 Programmable Mixes (5 x 2-point," 3 x 7-point. curve) 8R
  • Teacher-pupil
Advanced Programming for Acrobatic Models (ACRO)
  • 9 types of wing mechanization (6x wing, 3x wing)
  • 5 types of tail surfaces (normal, butterfly, ailevator) (Flywheel: rudder 1 servo, Directional 2 servos)
  • Quick choice of model settings (two engines, retractable chassis, brakes, mix richness)
  • 7-point gas curve 24R
  • Throttle cut (engine off)
  • Safe idle
  • Richness of 24R
  • Aerodynamic brake
  • Mixing brake - elevator 8R
  • Mix ailerons - rudder 8R
  • Mixing elevator - flaps 8R
  • Mix Ruler - Wings 8R
  • Differentiation of aileron deflection 24R
  • Mix ailerons - flaps 8R
  • Mix Camber 8R Curve Mix
  • Control of flaps 24R
  • 3x gyra gain (eg aileron / rudder / elevator) 24R
  • Droped swing (switchable in four senses) 8R
  • Butterfly tail surfaces 8R
  • Delta mix (studs for wings and deltas) 8R
  • Ailevator (elevator for 2 servos mixed as ailerons) 8R
Advanced Programming for Gliders (GLIDER)
  • 9 types of wing mechanization (6x wing, 3x wing)
  • 5 types of tail surfaces (normal, butterfly, ailevator) (Flywheel: rudder 1 servo, rudder 2 servos)
  • Quick choice of model settings (engine, chassis, brakes)
  • Motor control (switching on, switch off) 8R
  • Aerodynamic brakes
  • Brake mix - elevator 8R
  • Mix ailerons - rudder 8R
  • Mixing elevator - flaps 8R
  • Mix Ruler - Wings 8R
  • Differentiation of aileron deflection 24R
  • Mix ailerons - flaps 8R
  • Start (pre-programmed pushbuttons activated) 8R
  • Curvature of the wing profile (Camber) 8R
  • Control of flaps 24R
  • 3x gyra gain (e.g." wings / rudder / elevator) 24R
  • Butterfly tail surfaces 8R
  • Delta mix
  • Ailevator 8R
Advanced Helicopter Programming (HELI)
  • 6 types of cyclic plate
    90 ° type: 1 servo, 3 servos, 4 servos
    120 ° type: 3 servos
    140 ° type: 3 servos
    180 ° type: 2 servos
  • Quick choice of model settings (governor, master needle control, blend richness)
  • 7-point collective pre-selection curve 24R
  • 7-point gas pre-selection curve 24R
  • Throttle cut (engine off)
  • Profit (sensitivity) of gyrase 24R
  • Master needle control 24R
  • Cycle mix - gas 24R
  • Mix the side - gas 24R
  • Richness of 24R
  • Autorotace 3R
  • Mix Cycle Plate Control (Ratio / Calibration 3R )
  • Revomix 24R
  • Governor (3 values) 24R
24R Adjustable to max. 24 values \u200b\u200bin 8 flight modes and 3-position switch
8R Adjustable to max." 8 values \u200b\u200bin 8 flight modes
3R Adjustable to a maximum of 3 values \u200b\u200bwith a 3-position switch
Kit includes: Transmitter, 7-channel Optima 7 2.4GHz receiver, transmitter accumulators

Compatibility of Hitec TX modules

The SPECTRA 24 2.4GHz AFHSS telemetric module designed for 9.6 V (eight-pole) and 7.2 V (six- element) telemetry modules can be used in all Hitec transmitters with an RF Module. To avoid confusion when using different RF modules, the 7.2 V transmitter (ie Aurora 9) has a 5-pole connector for connecting the RF module to a different position. The SPECTRA 24 module therefore has a ten-pin connector, although only 5 outlets - five to the left or right, depending on the transmitter's supply voltage - are always connected to all transmitters.

The existing Hitec 35 and 40 MHz RF modules are designed for 9.6 V power only and can only be used in existing transmitters (Optic 6, Eclipse) powered by 8-cell sets.

The 2.4 GHz plug-in modules of other manufacturers are yet only designed for 9.6V (Optic 6, Eclipse) power transmissions, so it's only possible to use the Aurora 9 transmitter - thanks to its connector position.

Our top helicopter pilots Petr Novotný and Zdeněk Drazdil gave testimony to their Futabas and fell in love with the intuitive software and decent design of the new Aurora 9 from Hitec :)

Modulation / Encoding 2.4GHz AFHSS
Number of channels 9
Function Fail-safe, Telemetry
Power supply 7.2V " td>


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