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DPC-10 Hitec AC Servers with PC Interface (mini-USB)"

PC interface for software programmer and servotester for AC"


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More info

USB interface - programmer and tester for AC (brushless) Hitec servos. Through the use of a computer monitor as the user interface you have a tool for programming and testing with convenient operation.

The intelligent tester for testing parameters of AC servos Hitec servos allows testing movement:

  • Manual positioning
  • Automatic Servo overrun the end positions - fluent
  • Automatic Servo overrun the end positions - step by step
  • Checking the position of fail-safe

With the DPC-10 can program the following functions AC servos:

  • FAIL SAFE Off (On) / On (Off)
  • Direction of rotation
  • Speed
  • Middle, end points, and deviations emergency fail-safe position (to set servo travel up to 180 °)
  • The width of the deadband
  • Soft start (and protects the servo mechanism to steer when turning on-board electronics)
  • Saving and opening files with parameters
  • Resetting the servos to the factory default settings

Programmer DPC-10 can operate in two modes - basic and RC. In both cases, the servo connected to the DPC-10, but differs in the way the power and control in the testing movement.

  • Basic mode - allows you to control your computer servo. Servo is in this case supplied from the receiver battery from 6.0 to 7.4 V (5cl. NiMH, 2S LiPo / LiFe) connected to the DPC-10. All parameters are set in the first window on the screen and then upload to your servos. Then use a PC function servotesteru to check the correctness of setting the servo.
  • RC Mode - allows you to adjust the servo parameters using a PC while its function tested "live" with the RC system as it will actually control model. The servo can be already built in the model. In this case, the power input to the DPC-10 canal connecting the receiver to be tuned servo connected in the model; receiver will be powered from the model or from 6.0 to 7.4 V receiver battery (5Article. NiMH 2S LiPo / LiFe). Servo initially programmed as in Simple mode, but after clicking on the "RC Mode" handing control over your RC servo kit. I.e. Programming must be connected to a computer, but control functions servos perform with the transmitter. For RC mode, you can freely return to programming servo and back to test the transmitter.

To use, you will need:

  • PC running Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8. WARNING: Operating software DPC-10 has two different versions, depending on whether you use a 32-bit system (Windows XP, 7 and 8) or 64-bit (Windows 7, 8 and 8.1) . Both versions can be found in the section "Downloads".
  • The standard 5-pin mini-USB / USB 2.0 cable (such as a cable to an external memory card reader, some digital cameras or mobile phones)
  • The receiver battery pack 6.0V 7.4V (5Article. NiMH 2S LiPo / LiFe)
  • To use the RC mode also your transmitter and receiver with corresponding power (with a built-in model).

Programmer Kit includes: programmer DPC-10, connecting servo cable, user manual.

Power (nominal) [A] 6 - 7.4
Length [mm] 36
Width [mm] 25
Height [mm] 10.5
Weight [g] 7