GP ReCyko + 1000 Rechargeable Battery (AAA)


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More info

Basic description of goods

The ReCyko + range of batteries offers a wide range of capacities or endurance, allowing each user to get the optimal ratio between performance and purchase and operating costs. At the same time, the AA 2700 (and AAA 1000) battery boasts one of the highest capacities / endurance available on the market. As the right representative of the GP ReCyko + series, they are equipped with suppressed self-discharge and are pre-charged with from the factory, allowing you to use them right out of the box or after extended storage.

Product parameters
possibility of charging yes
chemical composition of NiMH
voltage 1.2 V
ReCyko + category / series
minimum capacity 950 mAh
Number of charge cycles more than 300
type HR03 (micro pencil, AAA)
dimensions 10.5 × 44.5 mm
price for quantity price for 2 pcs
sales package 2 pcs, plastic box
AAA size
Product benefits

High battery capacity. Ready ready to use *. More than 300 charging cycles. Up to 80% capacity after 12 months ** . Save up to € 500 per 1 battery ***. * Due to the low self-discharge effect, batteries can be used immediately after purchase or for extended storage without use. ** Applies to selected battery types. *** Compared to the consumption of comparatively powerful non-rechargeable batteries.