1.2V 2500mAh Eneloop Pro AA, 1 pc.

AA (pencil) NiMH batteries with very low self-discharge suitable for powering receivers in RC models and similar applications with lower current consumption, but the required long life. Weight: 30g, d


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Pencil NiMH AA battery from the world's largest manufacturer of Sanyo - Panasonic Japanese batteries. High capacity and low self-discharge, increased frost resistance! After 1 year of storage, they lose only 15% of the capacity. This is an extremely low value compared to conventional high-capacity NiMH batteries. This low self-discharge compensates for primary (non-charging) batteries. It lasts very long in standby, ready for use. It retains the advantages of the battery, the possibility of recharging (up to 500x) and the ability to deliver a large discharge current . It can be discharged even at -20 ° C. It comes in a fully charged condition, ready for use immediately after unpacking. It is the ideal source for powerful appliances, especially digital cameras, discs, moving toys and models, or other devices with high capacity and current demand.

Battery size AA
Low self-discharge Yes
Capacity [mAh] 2550
Voltage [V] 1.2
Charging current [mA] 250
Max. charging current [A] 2.5
Max. discharging current [A] 6-8
Length [mm] 50.4
Diameter [mm] 14.5
Weight [g] 30