1.2V 800mAh RAY Long AAA

AAA (micropencil) NiMH batteries with very low self-discharge suitable for powering receivers in small RC models. Weight: 12.2g, dimensions: 10.5x44.5mm, voltage: 1.2V


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More info

AAA NiMH batteries RAY Long 800 mAh watching the rising trend of improvement of properties pungent niklmetalhydridových batteries. They represent a reliable source of power for the transmitters and receivers in small models are guaranteed an extremely low self-discharge.

size battery AAA
low self-discharge Yes
Capacity [mAh] 800
Voltage [V] 1.2
Charging current [mA] 80
Max. charging current [mA] 400-800
Max. discharge current [A] 2.4
Length [mm] 44.5
Diameter [mm] 10.5
Weight [g] 12

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