LEGO Movie - Glitter Spa

LEGO Movie Kit - Glitter Spa. Join the characters from LEGO® STORY 2, including cosmonaut Benny, Faded Puffin and UniKitty as KlídeKitty at the Glitter Spa with Tout


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Join the characters in LEGO® STORY 2, including cosmonaut Benny, Faded Thicket and UniKitty as KlídeKitty in the Glitter Spa with this color set! Enjoy the octopus massage. Relax in the whirlpool with Klítekitty. See new hairstyle Faded Thickets - everyone but her likes it! But beware - in Systar, everything is not what it looks like. The hot tub has a trap door. And when Baltazar turns into a vampire, you better run away!

Revolving wall and trapdoor

The glittering bath includes an arched entrance, assembled speakers, a revolving lever-operated wall that allows Baltazar to turn into a vampire, a hot tub with an opening hatch and trap door function, a collapsible sink, 2 removable tables, 6 cube potions bottles and various items including tea pot, cup, serving tray and transparent crystal ornaments.

  • This LEGO® set includes 8 characters from LEGO STORY 2: Benny and Faded Chubby Minifigures, Baltazar mini-figurine, plus UniKitty LEGO figures such as Klíty Kitty, Flamingos, Eights, Archimedes and Vampire Baltazar.
  • It also includes a folding massage table.
  • Flamingo figurine includes adjustable wings and tail.
  • The minifigures, mini-doll and dice figures in this set represent the news for May 2019 and the Faded Thickets minifigure has blue-pink hair, while the UniKitty figurine like KlídeKitty has a new look on her face.
  • Kids will love to play fun scenes from LEGO® STORY 2 with this popular set.
  • LEGO® STORY 2 baths measure over 14 cm in height, 31 cm in width and 12 cm in depth.