FOXY G3 Brushless Engine C2820-1150

Alternating electric motor with rotating casing for aircraft models: glider 2200g, trainer 2100g, acro 1800g, 3D 1200g, KV1150 rpm on V, power supply Lixx 3-4s, shaft 4.0 mm. FOXY motors are marked on the basis of the stator dimensions! The designation accordi


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The FOXY G3 engines are high-performance brushless ("brushless") 14-pin rotary casing ("outrunner") electric motors with excellent electrical properties, sophisticated design and cutting-edge manufacturing. The hardened steel shafts and high-quality bearings ensure a long service life, and the high-quality materials used to make the stator on the rotor also ensure excellent performance with high efficiency. These are high-torque, low-torque, large-diameter propellers and gearless climbs.

Engine Labeling System: CxxYY / zzzz
C - rotary casing brushless motor ("outrunner", "circular")
xx - stator diameter in mm
YY - stator length in mm
zzzz - revolutions per volt (rpm), "KV"

The FOXY G3 C2820-1150 is a brushless motor designed to drive models with a mass of up to 2200 g with power from a two-cell or three-cell Li-poly battery. Perfect for models such as Classic EP, Acromaster, Stinson EP, Piper Cub EP 1520 mm from Phoenix, etc.

Engine Mounting: FOXY G3 C2820-1150 is designed for both front and rear mounting. For front mounting behind the engine, use four M3 bolts that engage 3.5-4 mm in the engine front. The pairs of mounting bolts for the bolts at the front of the engine are regularly spaced 180 ° on circles of 25 and 19 mm diameter. Engine bulkhead should be 4-5 mm aviation plywood. The rear mounting kit (mounting cross, propeller mount for rear mounting) comes with the engine.

Engine kit includes: FOXY G3 C2820-1150 brushless motor with cables with soldered 3.5 mm gold plated connectors, rear mounting kit, instructions.

Powering LiXX cells 3 - 4
Speed per Volt [rpm] min / V] 1150
Max. Power (30 sec / 4S LiPo) [W] 570
No-load current (3S) [A] 1.9
Max. peak current (30 s) [A] 52
Diameter [mm] 35
Length [mm] 44.7
Shaft Diameter [mm] 4
Weight [g] 142
Number of poles 14
Timing [°] 15-25
Controller [A] 60-70
Glider to weight [g] 2200
Coach to Weight [g] 2100
Acrobat up to weight [g] 1800
3D to weight [g] 1200
Recommended Propeller 3S: 12x6 ”
4S: 9x6 ”

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