OS engine OMA-3805-1200

Brushless electric motor with rotating casing, diameter 37,0mm, length 27,8mm, weight 76g, 1200 rpm. on V, power supply Lixx 2-3s, shaft 4 mm, controller 30-40A, recommended propeller 9x6 "/ 10x5", po


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If you are accustomed to high performance and superior quality and reliability of combustion engines OS, I'll be glad that you can now enjoy the same advantages for AC motors OS! They have been developed and designed to set a "gold standard" for electric cars as well, as is the rule for their methyl or gasoline counterparts. 80 years experience in OS developers ensures that even the new motors offer the same legendary quality and reliability.

OS brushless motors feature an integrated ventilation system, which increases their effectiveness and allows you to work at high current load and give better performance. A key element of this system is unique centrifugal fan which sucks air through a specially shaped air vents through the coil and around the magnet for considerably better cooling.

AC motors are robust OS restrictive risk of deformities, solid shafts of stainless steel stored in high-quality bearings, solid and secure rear mounting system with accurate propeller.

OS engines are due to its large twisting moment, suitable for large propellers without the need for a gearbox, which ensures high efficiency of the entire drive.

Labeling system engines: OMA OS / OMH xxyy / zz
OMA - engine aircraft
OMH - engine helicopter
xx - rotor diameter in mm
YY - magnet length in mm
zz - number of rpm to V


OMA-3805-1200 is learned brushless motor to drive the smaller models with a flying weight of up to 1300 g with power from tříčlánkového Li-poly battery. Perfect for models such as the size of the Multiplex Easy Cub, Easy Glider, Gemini Electric Black Horse Trainer etc.

Motor mounting: OMA-3805-1200 is designed for rear mounting. Motor mounting, use four screws M4. Motor bulkhead should be from 3 mm air plywood.

Set engine includes: Brushless Motor OMA-3805-1200 with cable with 3.5mm gold plated connectors, collet carrier for fixed propeller cross for rear mounting screws, 3x gold plated 3.5 mm connector (female) guidance.

Power LiXX Articles 3
The speed at Volt [ot./min/V] 1200
Number of turns 34
Internal resistance [mOhm] 65.1
No-load current (10 V) [A] 1.1
Operating current [A] 20
Max. peak current (5 sec) [A] 30
max. efficiency [%] 80
Diameter [mm] 37
Length [mm] 27.8
Shaft diameter [mm] 4
Weight [g] 76
Number of poles 14
Timing [°] 20-25
The regulator [A] 30-40
Glider in weight [g] 1300
Trainer to the weight [g] 1100
Acrobat in weight [g] 950
3D into the mass [g] 800
Recommended propeller 3S: 9x6, "10x5"

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