AXI 2203 / 40VPP AC motor

Brushless electric motor with rotating sheath for acro models up to 220g, 3D 160g, Lixx 2s power supply, shaft 3.17 mm, controller 8A. Including rear mounting.


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More info

Brushless motor with rotating drum was developed in cooperation with pilots Address Leoni and Martina Muller. Engine is suitable for models weighing up to 220 grams.

Diameter [mm] 27.7
Length [mm] 21
Weight [g] 17.5
Shaft diameter [mm] 3
[V] 7.4
The speed at Volt [ot./min/V] 2000
Current at max. Efficiency [A] 2.5 to 7.5
Load current [mA] 500
Max. peak current [A] 9
Internal resistance [mOhm] 245
Number of turns 40
Regulator 10