RAY G2 AC motor C3548-900

Brushless rotating electric motor for aircraft models: glider 2600g, trainer 2500g, acro 2300g, 3D 1400g, KV900 rpm to V, Lixx 3-5s, 5.0 mm shaft.


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RAY G2 engines are powerful brushless (AC "brushless") čtrnáctipólové motors with rotating case ( "outrunner") with excellent electrical properties, sophisticated design and excellent production processing. They represent a very good choice to drive your recreational sports models with excellent performance characteristics, good efficiency and reasonable price. These are low speed engines with high torque propeller coping with a large diameter and pitch without the need for transmission.

Labeling system engines: CxxYY-zzzz
C - brushless motor with rotating case ( "outrunner", "outrunners")
xx - motor diameter in mm
YY - motor length in mm
zzzz - number of revolutions per volt (rpm to V) "HF"

RAY G2 C3548-900 learned a brushless motor drive for models with a flying weight of up to 2600 g with power from a three- or čtyřčlánkového Li-poly battery. Perfect for models, such as our EPP "warbird" and aerobatic models span of 1300-1400 mm EP Spitfire and Mustang EP from Phoenix like.

Motor mounting: RAY C3548-900 G2 is designed for front and rear mounting. When front mounted behind the front motor using four M3 screws that extend into the front of the engine in the range of 4-5 mm. The holes for fastening screws at the head of the engine are spaced regularly by 90 ° on a circle of diameter 25 mm. Motor bulkhead should be from 5 mm air plywood. For "reverse" engine placement, you can buy a set 3EA0184 RAY G2 kit for rear mounting C35xx (5 mm).

Set engine includes: motor C3548-900 cables with soldered 3.5 mm gold plated connectors, instructions.

Power LiXX Articles 3-5
The speed at Volt [ot./min/V] 900
Max. power (30 s / 4S LiPo) [W] 780
Load current [A] 1.7
Max. peak current (30) [A] 53
Diameter [mm] 35
Length [mm] 48
Shaft diameter [mm] 5
Weight [g] 159
Number of poles 14
Timing [°] 20-25
The regulator [A] 60-70
Glider in weight [g] 2600
Trainer to the weight [g] 2500
Acrobat in weight [g] 2300
3D into the mass [g] 1400
Recommended propeller 3S: 14x7 "
4S: 12x6 "

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