Proboat PCF Mark I 24" Swift Patrol Craft RTR

Proboat PCF Mark I 24” Swift Patrol Craft 1:25 RTR is an RC model of a military patrol boat with a length of 610 mm. A number of mock-up elements, such as weapons, lifebuoys, lights, antennas, etc. Powered by two 390 series motors, Spektrum SLT RC kit.


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Package contents

The package contains a finished, assembled RC model of the Proboat PCF Mark I 24” Swift Patrol Craft RTR, with installed components: two 390 DC motors, 2in1 40A regulator with SLT receiver, servo 4.8-6V waterproof. Spektrum SLT3 2.4GHz transmitter, 4 AA batteries for transmitter, stand for boat, CZ instructions and EN, DE, FR, IT manual.



Proboat PCF Mark I 24” Swift Patrol Craft 1:25 RTR is an RC model of a military patrol boat with an ABS hull of 610mm length, with military camouflage. The model is complete, it is equipped with a number of mock-up elements, such as a cannon on the bow, machine guns and a cannon on the back, lifebuoys, docking tires, light module, antennas, chains, flag, etc. The model is powered by two 390 series motors, 40A 2in1 controller, RC kit is the Spektrum SLT3. Just add a 2S - 3S 2200mAh Lipol drive battery with an IC3 / EC3 connector.


With the 1:25 scale model of the PCF Mark I, Pro Boat honors the heroes who sailed the Patrol Craft Fast (PCF) on patrol during the Vietnam War. Veterans, their families and history buffs will all appreciate the quality of workmanship and precision of detail. On the water, the Pro Boat design provides excellent performance that all RC boat enthusiasts can admire! The actual PCF Boats – also known as Swift Boats – were all-aluminum, 50-foot craft developed at the request of the US Navy specifically to combat insurgent forces. Initially used to patrol coastal areas, PCF missions later expanded to inland waterways transporting Vietnamese forces, blocking enemy weapons supplies, and transporting SEAL teams for counterinsurgency operations.

The model is powered by two 390 series DC motors with aluminum coolers and a 40A controller/RX 2-in-1. Included in the set is the Spektrum SLT3 transmitter, which provides reliable control of the on-board electronics - and allows you to control the boat's LED lights directly with the transmitter. The PCF Mark I is ready to add an optional rotating turret (requires SMPSX108 Micro servo and Y-cable harness, connected to control channel).


Out of the box, you'll find a finished, assembled RC model of the Pro Boat PCF Mark I, painted with military camo that enhances the mock-up realism of the boat. The model is immediately ready for operation, just add your 3S LiPol battery and you are ready to set sail on a patrol cruise!

Key properties:

  • Mock-up realistic design
  • Reliable Spektrum electronics
  • Realistic ship screws and rudders
  • Highly detailed ABS hull
  • A variety of mock-up details such as weapons, lifebuoys, docking tires, flag, etc.
  • Authentic military livery
  • Transmitter controlled LED lighting
  • Magnetic wireless connector for LEDs
  • Optional rotating machine gun turret
  • Spektrum SLT3 3-channel transmitter
  • Stand for storing the boat


The PCF Mark I model boat is eye-catching both on the water and on the stand. The highly detailed, molded ABS hull features many accessories, including a .50 cannon on the bow, M60 machine guns on the superstructure and a .55 cannon on the stern.


After unpacking the PCF Mark I ship, you will find a fully assembled and painted military scale model of the ship, which includes many details such as deck superstructures with full equipment such as masts, railings, lifeboat circle, flag, ladders, weapons, lights and more.


Functional LEDs with a magnetic hands-free connector offer an extra exciting realistic ride during your night patrols. The lights can be turned on and off with the Spektrum SLT3 transmitter, which is included in the package of the set.


The power of the two installed 390 DC motors allows the PCF Mark I to move easily at mock speed and maneuver with high precision. Two aluminum radiators installed on the motor bodies keep them at normal operating temperature and extend their life.


In addition to providing reliable control of the on-board electronics, the Spektrum 40A 2-in-1 controller has a built-in LED lighting connector that allows you to control the boat's lights with a transmitter.

OPTIONAL Mockup Elements

The model includes many different hmaket accessories, such as lifebuoys, docking tires, light module, antennas, railings with a chain and a flag. To take realism to the next level, the PCF Mark I is ready to mount an optional rotating machine gun turret (requires servo and Y-cable, sold separately).


The actual PCF Mark I ship had two propellers. The Proboat model in 1:25 scale has the same drive arrangement, so the driving characteristics are similar to those of a large boat.


The rudders are located completely under the boat, just behind the propellers. Thanks to this, the ship has great maneuverability even at low speed.


The included Spektrum 3-channel SLT3 transmitter gives you reliable control of the PCF Mark I boat model. The third channel allows you to remotely turn the vessel's work lights on and off.


The Pro Boat Set includes a practical stand for the PCF Mark I model boat that can be used for display or to store the boat in storage.


We recommend to buy

For commissioning, it is necessary to add a LiPol 11.1V 2200mAh 3S 30C drive battery with an EC3/IC3 connector and a charger.

Recommended batteries

We recommend a 3-cell (11.1 V) LiPol drive battery to power the model.

  • Continuous flight LiPo battery Spektrum Smart LiPo 11.1V 2200mAh 30C IC3 with Smart technology
  • Higher Quality 100C Spektrum Smart LiPo 11.1V 2200mAh 100C IC3 with Smart Technology
  • New generation battery G2 Spektrum Smart G2 LiPo 11.1V 2200mAh 50C IC3 with Smart G2 technology

Spektrum batteries with Smart technology currently represent the most modern and safest way to maintain and charge batteries. The benefits of Spektrum Smart technology can be found here.

Recommended chargers for conventional LiPol and Smart batteries

If you decide to use modern Smart LiPo batteries or batteries of other brands in RC models, then we recommend the following chargers:

  • Network charger Spektrum S155 with one output 1x 55W (only suitable for Smart batteries).
  • Network charger Spektrum S1100 with one output 1x 100W .
  • Network charger Spektrum S2100 with one output 2x 100W .
  • Network charger Spektrum S2200 with two outputs 2x 200W .

Accessories for normal ship operation

For the normal operation of a functional RC model ship, you need a special grease for lubricating the ship's shafts. The special composition ensures the smooth operation of the shaft in the Teflon tube while maintaining the maximum service life of the components. DYNE4200, DYNE4201 greases are recommended

For finishing work or routine maintenance, special tools and tools from the Shesto company will come in handy, such as pliers, tweezers, files, screwdrivers and many others, which you can find on the website

Recommended accessories