Plastic ModelKit ship 05204 - Northsea Fishing Trawler (1: 142)

Ship model for bonding


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More info

Ship model for bonding. Size: 1: 142; 37.3 cm. The package contains: 61 pieces for gluing.

On sale from 18.5.2015.

Original information:
Every day, tirelessly and uninterruptedly, the European fishing fleet operates in the open ocean from Newfoundland to Norway, being constantly released on grace and ruthlessness by natural elements and the fierce sea. During his three-week trip, such a trawler spends only about a week on his own fishing, the remaining two weeks will go to the fishing areas and then return home. This particular boat also has a range of electronic features such as navigation aid, sonar, or an automatic alert system that shows the density of the approaching fish flock. Vessels of this type have a towed trawl on the starboard. The crew consists of 19 men.

Information about the model:
- Detailed torso
- Onboard superstructures
- Railings and containers with inflatable boats
- Radar masts
- Two masts
- One rescue boat
- Double Dock Reel
- Two crew figurines

Authentic printing set for the following versions:
- North Sea, fishing trawler MV Ross Jackal, Great Britain, 1961

Required colors:
- Basic: 331, 302, 301, 17, 69, 382
- next: 92, 314, 91, 62, 35, 15

Model details:
Scale: 1: 142
Number of parts: 61
Length: 373 mm
Width: 165 mm
Difficulty: 3

Recommended for children from 10 years of age.

Warning: Risk of suffocation! The product contains small parts. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS!"