Triplet HoTT-Hornet 250 CAM

Graupner HoTT hornet styler with FPV camera


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Fast as a hornet!

The Graupner Hott-Hornet 250 CAM is the ideal version of a new trike for all who already have a RC transmitter and want to try FPV flying.

Unique flight experience from the trike - manipulable and agile, soft and yet very accurate in flying. The installed Graupner GR-18 receiver allows the beginner to fly in the Attitude mode, experienced pilots can switch to Acro mode and feel the full performance of the horn.

The special appearance and RGB LEDs mounted in the hott-horn head help to make it easier to identify the direction during a flight. This makes Hornet ideal for training at a glance. "Hirsch" is of course much more capable. Thanks to the installed FPV camera and FPV Video Transmitter, you can discover the world of hornets from the perspective of the first person. Only FPV glasses, such as the FatShark Attitude V2 CE or FPV monitor, such as the Graupner FPV 7 ", are needed.
"Horn" is very quiet compared to other multi-kickers, and in combination with a strong battery, the flight time differs too.

Not only the RC components are of the highest quality but also the frame is made of light but strong polycarbonate. This material easily forgives mistakes during flight, while protecting all RC components that are stored in the "horn" stomach. Thanks to these features, it is also suitable for beginners.
For easier transport, Hornet can simply be folded.

Fully assembled FPV triketer with Graupner components of the highest quality
Lightweight and durable materials
A unique feeling of flying from a trike
Perfect protection of RC components
Optional flight mode - ATT or ACRO

Package Included:

  • Completely assembled triketer
  • Graupner Ultra 2806 2300 KV AC motors (2x S7049, 1x S7050)
  • Graupner GR-18 Receiver (No S1019)
  • Graupner ULTRA AC Controller (No. S3056)
  • Graupner Digital Servo DES 281 (Number 7905)
  • Graupner FPV 700 TVL with OSD (No." 48334)
  • Graupner FPV Video Transmitter
  • Graupner 6 x 3 "propeller


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