ASP 12MX 2.0ccm BOAT with thrust starter

Two-stroke marine engine with 2.0cc glow plug with two-needle RC carburetor. Water cooling, tension starter, flywheel and silencer. Power 0.45 kW at 16,000 rpm. Weight with silencer and flywheel


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The powerful two-stroke engine 0.12 cu inch / 2 cc glow plug for sports / recreational boat models. It is equipped with a special head for water cooling, pull starter and flywheel recess allows starting the engine V-belt. Crankshaft fitted with ball bearings, the motor is supplied with single-needle RC carburetor and standard expansion muffler.

  • The crankshaft has a threaded nut for M4.
  • Recommended fuel tank: 50-100 ml.
  • Recommended fuel: at least 18% castor or synthetic oil (or. A mixture of synthetic and castor oil), 1-15% nitromethane. We recommend using fuel with a low content of nitromethane at least - running engine is then really highly reliable and carburettor settings is easier and less sensitive to changes in temperature and other environmental influences.
  • Recommended plug: ASP Universal 2/4 cycle, OS MAX No. 6 (formerly known as A3).

Set engine includes: RC engine with a carburetor, flywheel and pull the starter, the expansion silencer, allen past 2mm instructions.

Displacement [cc] 1.94
Number of cylinders 1
Bore [mm] 13.8
Stroke [mm] 13
Operating speed [rpm] 3000-17000
Engine power (at 16,000 rpm) [W] 450
Power (at 16,000 rpm) [HP] 0.61
Weight (total) [g] 287
Recommended tank volume [ml] 50-100
Recommended candle ASP Universal 2/4-step mode, OS MAX No. 6 (formerly A3)
Thread on the shaft M4
Displacement (cc) Bore (mm) Stroke (mm) (KW at rpm) Operating speed (rpm) Weight (g)
1.94 13.80 13 0.45 / 16000 3000 - 17000 287

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