Spectrum Smart LiFe 6.6V 2200mAh Rx IC3

LiPol battery for receiver power, Spectrum Smart LiFe 2200mAh 2S 6.6V Rx IC3 with integrated Spectrum Smart technology and IC3 connector for control of battery status. When charging with charger


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More info

LiPol battery for receiver power, Spectrum Smart LiFe 2200mAh 2S 6.6V Rx IC3 with integrated Spectrum Smart technology and IC3 connector for control of battery status. When charging with the Spektrum ™ Smart charger, the parameters, battery history and more are available at the time of connection.

Smart technology features
  • Spectrum Smart technology enables easy battery charging and maintenance
  • The integrated micro chip keeps unique parameters for each battery
  • The new IC3 and IC5 connectors are compatible with EC3 and EC5
  • Save time and trouble with charging, maintenance and battery life
  • Intelligent discharging allows the battery to discharge automatically to a safe voltage
Spektrum Smart batteries store unique data:
  • Battery brand
  • Battery type
  • Battery capacity
  • Battery capacity status
  • Voltage of individual cells
  • Battery temperature
  • Charging / discharging cycles

Spectrum batteries store error logs, including overheating, excessive discharge, and overcharging, which can be useful to determine if the battery has been correctly selected for the application. The smart battery automatically loads its charging parameters into the Spectrum Smart Charger so that charging is as easy as pressing the "Start" button. Smart Battery Charge Speed is customizable, allowing you to take full advantage of the faster-charging set.

SMART Spectrum Technology

After connecting the charger to the Spektrum Smart battery, the parameters and status of the Lixx battery are read from the Smart Memory microchip integrated in the battery. Using the charger, you can see the battery settings on the LCD display, so all you need to do to charge the battery is to press the "Start" button. Smart technology takes care of the rest. Each Smart Lixx charger is equipped with the new generation IC3 ™ / IC5 output connector, which has an integrated pin for battery data transfer, on the LCD display.

Clear data

The integrated microchip allows the Smart battery to store important information such as battery brand, type, cell number, capacity, number of charge cycles, discharge rate, capacity rating, battery temperature and internal resistance. In addition, each battery stores a log of unhealthy events, such as overcharging and excessive temperature.

Easy charging

The preset battery parameters, such as charging, discharging and storing, are automatically transferred from the Spectrum Smart battery to the charger, making charging very easy. The rechargeable battery speed of each battery can be re-set at any time, allowing you to take full advantage of the rechargeable batteries. An integrated microchip on every Smart battery remembers the last set charging current, so these settings are automatically set up the next time. Another feature that the Smart Microchip allows is a simple cell voltage check. When you connect an IC3 or IC5 battery, the voltage of each cell is automatically displayed on the Smart Charger display, using standard balancer connectors.

New IC3 and IC5 connectors

The innovative connection of Smart devices is done with the installed microchip on each Smart battery, and the information is transmitted through the data cable included in the new IC3 and IC5 connectors. The IC series is designed to provide stronger connections, higher heat resistance, and ease of installation / p>

Setting SMART parking voltage

With the Spektrum Smart Charger, the Smart Battery can be set to a predetermined parking voltage where it is allowed to rest for a period of time you choose, between 12 and 240 hours. This feature will help extend the life of your SMART batteries by preventing your batteries from being fully charged for a longer period of time, which can damage the chemical integrity of lithium polymer cells. This unique feature affects longer battery life and better kit performance.