Eagle-20A DC controller

Simple Hobbywing controller for aviation applications for DC motors. Continuous current 20A, peak current 25A. Optional LiPo / NiMH battery type and switch-off brake. Linear BEC 5V 1A. Power supply 2-


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Microprocessor controller for DC motors with excellent usability features while maintaining a very simple operation. Serves to control the speed of DC motors in recreational model aircraft or a helper application in the mock-ups of ships or ground vehicles when running on NiCd / NiMH and Li-poly / Li-ion. It is equipped with a linear BEC power stabilizer providing power the receiver and servos, battery. Type of propulsion battery is selected with a jumper, the same way on or off the propeller brake.


  • Suitable for DC motor series 280, 300, 380, 400, 480 on battery power 2-3S LiPo / Li-ion or Article 4-10. NiCd / NiMH.
  • For the supply of NiCd, NiMH, Li-poly, Li-ion
  • Linear regulator BEC 5 V supply with a load capacity up to 1 A.
  • Overload protection (when the temperature reaches 110 ° C controller performance is reduced).
  • Protection for the low supply voltage (when the controller limits the output voltage drops below the propulsion battery of 3.0 V / cell. LiPo batteries).
  • Automatic throttle control signal loss.
  • Continuous linear control gas.
  • Easy setup with jumpers.
  • Acoustic signaling error conditions: abnormal supply voltage, signal loss of gas when the throttle is not switched off the motor in position.


  • Brake propeller (off - on).
  • Optional battery (Li-poly or NiCd / NiMH).


  • Protection at start: If the engine will not start within 2 seconds after the throttle, the controller disconnects the engine.
  • Thermal overload protection: If the controller temperature reaches 110 ° C, the regulator will limit the output power in order to reduce its temperature. < / Li>
  • Protection control signal is lost: reducing the power controller when the signal is missing for 1 s; signal is missing for more than 2 seconds causes full disconnection of the motor.
Use Aircraft
Type DC
Continuous current [A] 20
Max. Peak current [A] 25
NiXX 4-10
LiXX Articles 2-3
BEC voltage [V] 5
BEC current [A] 1
Length [mm] 45
Width [mm] 21
Height [mm] 8
Weight [g] 17
Regulation unidirectional
Brake Yes
Input for sensors No
programmable Yes

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