Li-pol 2250 / 7,4 / 55 / 110C


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Mark KS-Racing began work mainly for car models. Over time, he found its minions in other sectors modelařiny. Battery from the brand KS-Racing has proven itself in the RC car models so much that we decided to extend range for model RC planes and RC helicopters. We believe that with these batteries will be completely satisfied!Lipol battery is supplied in the "Air Pack" intended primarily for the propulsion model airplanes and helicopters. The battery is fitted by force silicone cables, the cross-section is dimensioned with respect to the anticipated load current. Series is equipped with a battery connector Dean-T and the service connector for balancing articles. If you put in a note that you are interested in a different connector than Dean-T pleased to free him přepájíme!Parameters:Length 103.0 mm Width 34.0 mm Height 16.0 mmWeight: 118.0 g (C): 55 / Suggested 110 first charge of 1C. For normal use is recommended charging current 2-3C.